why the Headies award should never have happened outside Nigeria.

Long time no award nights Lovelies! If you have been with us long enough, you already know that event nights are our favorite moments. 

Sadly, we may have missed out on all the fun that came with the 15th headies awards  night— if there was any at all. 

You know an event was lit when Ms Asoebi writers come through with a slay post the day after. Right now, I have no slay article to show you due to obvious reasons. What I do have however, is gist and hot takes.

Lovelies, the 15th Headies award—the biggest musical award in Nigeria took place last Sunday, 4th of September 2022, in Atlanta, USA. The event was hosted by our very own Osas Ighodaro alongside black American actor, Anthony Anderson.

Here is a visual representation of how confused they had us.

Now the folks had a few things to say about holding a Nigerian award, that appreciates Nigerian music, outside the Nigerian soil. Definitely, the organizers must have thought it through before making this decision. They have their reasons which we may be oblivious to, but will their reasons ever beat the folks’ argument against this experiment?

Lovelies, here are some argued reasons why no one should have allowed the headies award happen outside Nigeria. 

It is not logical 

We have never seen the academy take the Grammys outside the US, neither have we seen South Koreans bring Seoul music award to Nigeria. This is not because it’s some sort of taboo to hold it outside their countries, rather, it is only logical that what is designed for us, to appreciate our art and music, should take place in our country. That simple. 

It’s extra expenses for the nominees and attendees. 

When you think about the flight ticket, accommodation fees, and other essential expenses, as an attendee, you might just want to sit at home. With what the economy is currently saying, very few people want to spend that much to see an award show, the rest of us can have snippets online.  And lesser guest translated to lesser clout and attention from media houses. To top it all, words on the street is that, there were more empty seats than you will find at the concert of an upcoming artist. 

Pictures from the 15th Headies award night

It’s extra expenses On the organizers:

Don’t ask me how, we just know it was more expensive to host it in America. 

Anyway, this was the bias of the majority towards the award, let us know your own take in the comment section.

Ciao for now😌❤️

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