Why Is Everyone Still Upset About Kim-K Wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Dress To Met Gala?

The fashion world is in a hot mess right now, and for what seems to be the 200th time, the folks are dragging Kim K and Ripleys for having Kim wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress to the 2022 Met gala.

Kim K on the iconic dress at the 2022 Met gala

Since the last Met gala that held very well over a month ago, Fashion journalists and enthusiasts around the globe have had one thing or the other to say about why the museum should never have allowed Kim wear that dress. They neither found it cute, nor funny! 

They talked a bit too much about it and the typical Nigerian me was confused and wondering what the big fuss was all about.  I mean…. it’s just a dress—well, a bombshell, Marilyn Monroes’s dress, but still a dress. And surely, dresses are made to be worn. Everybody needs to relax. 🤷‍♀️

Marilyn Monroe on the dress in 1962

So I did some research on their grievances, and  found out some things, that actually justified their unchanging disapprove about Kim’s supposed dream come true.

1. Fashion is art

To every fashion enthusiast out there, fashion is regarded as art. Thus, an iconic piece of fashion must not be tampered with no matter what or who becomes interested in it. It is in such esteem that the iconic Marilyn Monroe’s dress have been held for 60 years after the demise of the model and actress. Therefore, Ripleys who was the custodian of the dress, committed an abomination. 

2. An iconic piece in fashion history

Beyond being an art, fashion is a mirror to humanity’s past. We can learn the trend of event, breakthroughs, gradual and revolutionary changes through the fashion trends of each epoch.  

1962 America in big contrast to now was a more conservative society. Therefore, Marilyn popping out to a public event in a sheer, perfectly fit body con dress was regarded scandalous! The dress was reported as fit as a latex glove, so fit, one would assume that Marilyn Monroe was naked and had adorned her bare skin with 2,500 crystals.

This dress made the actress come under severe fire in the hands of the media and even those in her personal life. In addition to that, these were some of the last events before Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death in 1962. Therefore the dress ticked every possible box to be considered an historical fashion item and as such can not and should not be worn by anyone!

Tap to read more about Marilyn Monroe’s death.

3. too fragile to Wear twice!

Research has it that the dress was perfectly tailored according to Marilyn’s measurements to fit her and her alone. Fashion enthusiasts have even opined that the dress barely fit Marilyn herself. In the words of the fashion writer, Elizabeth Molly….

“This is a gown designed to be worn by one person and only once……… By placing someone else into the dress you are risking tearing seams, breaking off rhinestones and permanently altering the shape.”

Eternal goddess.UK

And while all this outrage and arguments passed away over a month ago. A new wave of drama emerges today as Marilyn Monroe collection, an Instagram account that claims to own the world’s largest collection of Monroe’s personal property releases new images of the damaged birthday dress.

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The dress after the met gala| Photo obtained via instagram @marilynmonroecollection

The new pictures now making rounds all over the internet shows the over stretched, torn seams, pokerings, and fall off crystals on the dress.

The dress before the Met gala |photo obtained via instagram @marilynmonroecollection

Once again, fashion enthusiasts and Marilyn Monroe fans remind the world why no one should have let another person into the iconic birthday dress.

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