Who You Know Rock Latex Numbers Better Than Nengi Hampson?

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Who You Know Rock Latex Numbers Better Than Nengi Hampson?

We’ve seen many sides to the shiniest star that emerged from the BBN lockdown season, Miss Rebecca Nengi Hampson. Right from the house, we saw a stereotype-smashing woman, who is everything but the nasty attributes majority of  the society expects from a drop-dead-gorgeous light skin girl. 

We’ve  heard of her good work ethics, her sweet, calm nature and every goodly behaviour.  With  all these traits, you would expect her sense of style to be as calm as she is, or even worse, boring! But Nengi Hampson said no!! You can be calm, sweet, well-behaved and still be a baddie!! Talk about fire and ice in one person. 

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Besides having one of the hottest bodies in the Industry, We have never caught the CEO of shoes by Flora in a fashion fail. Banality is an extinct term in her fashion lexicon as you never know what she will be serving next. She swings in multiple ways like a pretty and happy pendulum, one minute she’s serving a classy and conservative look, the next she’s a fierce and friendly CEO. Perhaps the next time you’ll see her after that, baby girl is bad and bougie! Ultimately, everytime she steps out, she steps on necks and snatch souls with her sense of style. 

In much the same news, we have observed that the Senior special assistant to Bayelsa state government takes an unusual taste for glossy latex numbers. We know how hard it must be fit all that hotness in tight, nearly inflexible latex pants. I once talked about the struggles of a latex pant HERE. Yet she does it over and over again  and eats effortlessly!!

Let’s take a look at some of Nengi’s leather looks!😍

mesh bugle bead top paired with latex Midi skirt

Ruffle sleeve denim blue mini dress.

Crocs leather kimono X latex mini gown

The snake print two piece.

Adidas Icy park

A typical bad bish story!😍

Corset leopard print X latex leggings

Corset camisole and skinny pants.

Accordion midi skirt and white mesh top.

Fierce red body con dress

Layered trench coat.

All photos obtained via Instagram @Nengiofficial

So lovely! Which one of them is your favorite? Personally I love love the caramel Ivy Park look, and I love the girl wearing it.😍

Let me know what’s your favorite thing about this look, I’ll be in the comment section as always.

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Ciao for now.😌❤️

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