White Meat Vs Red Meat: Which Is Healthier And Why? 

Everybody likes to have some protein or as I often call it, accessories to accompany their meals. These accessories could be Fish, beef, Chicken, turkey, snail, you name it! 

Culinary speaking, these accessories are categorized into two; White meat and Red meat. Perhaps you’ve heard these terms vaguely before and you’ve never been clear on what the big difference is between them, which one is good and the not so good? I will keep the chemical jargons as minimal as possible so this is easily understood by everyone.

Well, grab a box of popcorn and a bottle of coke— a good student will get a pen and jotter though.🌚But do you, Let’s take a ride!

Red meat

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Red meats are flesh gotten from mammals. Perhaps they earned the name “Red meat” because they have a crimson color when raw and even when cooked, they merely go from that to a darker shade of brownish-red. A classical example of this is Beef. 

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white meat

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On the other hand, White meats are the flesh from fish and poultry. It goes without saying, the color stays light and faded before and after cooking.

so which one is healthier for consumptoon?

While both meats are good sources of protein, the big difference lies in the amount of fat each contains. 

Red meats are a more fatty source of protein, but also contains more iron, zinc and other vitamins. In addition to that, depending on the method of preparation, red meats at the point of consumption can contain carcinogenic compounds, which causes cancer. 

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However, this is not to make a villain of red meat, if prepared in healthy methods and eaten in the right proportion, they are a very good source of protein too, which the body definitely needs. The trick then lovelies is to eat it in moderation.

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