Which of these Celebrity weddings made you love love??

Being enthralled in the sweet, gentle love of #theincredibles22 is reminiscent of all the times we have enjoyed beautiful celebrity weddings. 

You already know that we love it when our stars are in love, we love it even more when they decide to seal their love at the alter. 

In the last decade, we have been blessed to witness some unforgettable celebrity weddings and as this writer reminisces, she has chosen to share them with her lovelies! 

Let’s have it shall we? Unforgettable celebrity weddings of the decade.


The introduction, engagement and wedding ceremony of Banky W and Adesua Etomi was nothing short of an internet breaking event! There was just so much to talk about. How they both make a beautiful couple, Banky’s hot brothers, Susu’s pretty mom, all her hot dresses by Toju Foyeh and of course, Ebuka’s internet-breaking Agbada.

The event was a celebrity studded one and what made it more interesting was that BAAD2017, coincided with another celebrity’s wedding. As expected you already know Twitter folks will make a conversation out of that too. 

2. #ReelDeel2022

When the Nollywood sweetheart announced her engagement to her boo, Fidelis Anosike, the joy amongst Nigerians was like that of the lucky 5,000 who got fed by Jesus. While some were grateful to see the Nollywood star, who made our childhood fun settling down with such a worthy man, others decided to remind God of their ‘God when, God me too’ prayer points.

You already know the next set of people in the list: The hot take givers; “don’t settle” “age is just a number” “God still answers prayers” and a lot more. The event was wrapped up with some bottleneck style wars which we may have been a part of too. 

Tap to see our take!


Ini’s celebrity weddings.

Now here goes another wedding announcement that caused us to have butterflies in our belly. We loved the story behind their romance, we are even “God whening” to it.

Ini and Abasi’s wedding came with a lot to talk about, their unique color, the nicely planned event, the air of calm and relaxation around the couple, and of course, the style wars. We also did a thing on that too. 
click here to read.

4. #undeniablyYours2022

KEMI Adetiba celebrity weddings

As expected, the king of boys wedding came with lewks! Style wars, and bottles of champagne. Not that we got a sip of that, but video clips we saw tells us that the guests had so much fun celebrating Kemi and Oscar!


Now you know anything with Toyin Lawani’s name attached to it gets people talking! For her wedding with Segun wealth, there was a lot to talk about! The situation surrounding their love story, Tiannah’s choice of colors! For some reasons, people found it wild that a bride chose black as her color of the day, but you know creatives never bother about such sentiments. 

Now lovelies, which of these weddings, made the biggest impact in your memory, let us  know in the comment section, we’re always ready to hear from you. 

Ciao for now!😌❤️

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