Where is your favorite Pizzeria in Lagos?

Before we go any further, there are four popular pizzeria in Lagos: Dominos, Debonair’s,  Dodo, and Pizza hut. First of all, what’s with the D in the first 3 though?🙄

Anyway! Last time we talked about adopting pasta from the Italians and all its varieties, today, we’re talking about another meal we adopted; Pizza! Now we’re not here to talk about the varieties of pizza, instead, we are here to have a heart-to-heart conversation about the best pizzeria in Lagos in your own opinion.

Pizza is not just a fast food to Nigerians. It’s a little treat. Although sometimes we eat pizza cos we’re hungry and it’s the quickest most available meal to pick up, other times we eat it to satisfy a craving, BUT! 65% of Nigerians who eat pizza do so as a treat. Some people even have their romantic/ courtship dates at any pizzeria in Lagos. Which in my opinion indicates that Pizza is rated above normal.

Debonairs Pizza 

Debonair’s pizzeria in Lagos
Via instagram @debonairsng

Now of all 4 pizzerias, this writer has extensively tried out all but Pizza Hut.  And I just want to tell you that none of the other 3 comes close to Debonair’s, now this post is not an ad, we’re just making a comparison.

I love how fast they get their pizza ready, and even more importantly, how rich they make it. The cheese is cheesing and the toppings are topping! Once upon a time, a girl bought a meaty debonair’s pizza at a mall in Lagos. Ladies, and gentlemen, she had so much meat that she couldn’t even finish her order. If you want a pizza worth every penny you’re spending, go to debonair’s. 

Dodo pizza

Pizzeria in Lagos
via instagram @dodopizzang

My next favorite is dodo, they are also fast, the bread is soft, and they’re generous with the cheese and toppings too. Let me emphasize that they are fast! 

Of course, my least favorite goes without saying. They’ve shown me Cameroon pepper in this life, let’s not get into details, it’s a whole trauma.😭But then again, I think it’s a branch problem because words on the street is that some of their branches are magical.

Now lovelies, I’ve given you my tea, it’s now time for you to spill back! Where is your favorite pizzeria in Lagos? Let me know in the comment section, it’d be a delight!

Ciao for now😌❤️

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