What’s your worst date experience?

Hi Lovelies! I’m sure in this our lifetime, and as a Nigerian, you have to experience some crazy things in life. Is it from finding a partner, going on dates, getting served breakfast, even down to “what I ordered vs what I got”. I think it’s a universal rule that you must go through a crazy experience in your lifetime, one time means you’re even lucky!

Sometime this week, a Twitter user “@khanofkhans11_” tweeted the question “Tell us your worst date experience” and the comments were hilarious and crazy, we had to share some of them with you. Enjoy!

@onyeche_ said her date fell asleep and was snoring at the cinema. Lmaoo, what a Wawu!

Adanma @favourjane15, said her date was chewing bone ”pra pra”, 😂 I can hear the sound in my head.

This @yay_tunes experience is super funny, someone in the comments said maybe he had heat rashes.

Okiemute said his date was crying because they didn’t bring her food on time. I really hope this is a lie, becausee!

@impeccable_iam probably met a yoruba demon, you can tell.

Dear lovelies, the thread was something! Personally, I haven’t had a crazy or bad date experience, I can’t even remember if I have. I don’t go out, I’m that single sis that’s always “God when-ing” and doesn’t leave her house, yessss, that one. God help me!

Howeverrr, I would love to hear your stories. Ever been on crazy dates? What was your worst date experience like? Tell us in the comments, we would love to read.

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