What Stylish and Good looking people Do not Tell you

There is this subconscious belief that stylish and good looking people were created/born that way by God. They must have a God given gift in style and fashion, and it is not for everyone. Well, besides these being untrue, here are a few things to note: being stylish is a learnable skill, also stylish people passed through a journey and with consistency and educating themselves, they became style confident.

Therefore today, I will be sharing what stylish and good looking people went through when trying to to achieve their style goals.

Had a Humble Beginning

Every stylish person started somewhere. Most likely what they had and could afford, and they worked their way up. So if you feel a bit overwhelmed or worried you might need certain things to be stylish too, think again. Just like every other person on planet earth I would say start where you are and with what you can afford.

It took a process

They did not have it all figured all at once. They made mistakes here and there, probably embarrassed themselves and made some poor style choices along the way. But by constantly taking risks and always seeking inspiration from magazines, style videos, pictures etc., they got better.

Thus, start where you are, and it is very okk to not get at first.

Felt intimidated SOMETIMES

At times we all got intimidated by other stylish people in a room, either because of how confident, expensive or stylish they looked, but even at this they appreciated other good looking women, learnt from what they did differently and elevated their style too.

Essentially, what to learn here is being open to learn from those doing something right or better than you.

Plan Outfits ahead of time

We always plan our outfits the day before or a week. This helps us to pick a great look because they were not in a rush. It also prevents repeating the same outfits unconsciously due to rush. So if you haven’t been planning you might want to start now.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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