What makes a man a man? 

Dear ladies and gentlemen; there’s nothing like a perfect man. But sadly; Some boys never do grow up, they just get older.

It takes a lot to be a man. I think a guy becomes a man when he realizes that superficial and material things isn’t and will never be an achievement to flaunt his masculine power.

A perfect man don’t exist but a real man is a thing.

A real man has true grit—CHARACTER. He knows right from wrong and stands for his convictions. Has a moral compass, can be vulnerable and kind. That is when a man becomes a REAL MAN.

A man don’t become a man because he pass through puberty.

He don’t become a man because he can make a woman pregnant.

He don’t become a man because he has a muscle car.

He don’t become a man because he got muscles and mustache.

He don’t become a man because he got long manhood.

He don’t become a man because he got a bachelor’s degree.

He don’t become a man because he built a house.

He don’t become a man because he got trophies and awards.

He don’t become a man because people call him a man.

He don’t become a man because you got a huge pay check.

He don’t become a man because he started tan empire.

Then what makes a man?

There’s a one word that makes a man—Maturity.

Maturity is not a qualification to watch R-rated movies. Maturity is not your ability to consume alcohol, smoke or watch porn.

The definition of Maturity is something different because maturity is not age, academics, accomplishments or appearance.

Maturity is an attitude that you possess toward the things in life, towards yourself, towards people around around, towards your mistakes, towards your successes. Your maturity is always determined by your attitude.

A boy is passive
A man is assertive

A boy lives for a moment,
A man plans for future

A boy looks for a girlfriend,
A man looks for a wife

A boy speaks,
A man acts

A boy is possessive,
A man is protective

A boy plays games,
A man shoulder responsibilities

A boy tells others he is a man,
A man quietly live it

A boy makes experiences,
A man makes progress

A boy makes demands,
A man serves

A boy lies, cheats, and deceives,
A man tells the truth

One is a male by birth but becomes a Man by choice.

Being a real man in essence is about honoring yourself and having the courage to move forward despite hardships.

Therefore, the following are my set of rules for being a real man.

1- Honor Yourself.

Don’t beat down on yourself for the things that haven’t worked out. Failure is a part of life. Remember the things you’ve done right. Also remember that Baby steps count. Move forward always.

2- Drive.

Ensure you have drive for something in your life. Strive to be better then you are today. Not only will it make you feel better and more self assured, but women will also take notice.

3- Passion.

We all have to pay the bills, it’s reality. But don’t lose sight of your passion. Even if you do it part time, it goes a long way . You’ll be more engaged in life, and you will inspire others around you.

4- Grooming.

Take the necessary time to groom daily. SHAVE , plan your wardrobe. I can’t believe some men that I see that look like scruffs because they haven’t shaved. If you have a beard, trim it. Yeah it’s a burden, but that’s life, do the work, reap the benefits after. Look like you care.

5- Education.

Be in a constant state of wanting to learn. Once again you’re demonstrating that you care about something. It shows you want to grow, be more interesting, know more . Education is not about having a fancy post secondary degree, it’s about the acknowledgement that there is always room to improve and having the discipline and humility to embrace that.

6- Kindness.

A real man is kind to others. This alone will make you more fulfilled and make others around you feel more special and cared for. Although your intentions for being kind is purely selfless, the people you cared for will never forget, and will in turn reciprocate and have your back.

7- Confidence.

Have faith in yourself. Others in the past with less intelligence and less education have been a success, so why shouldn’t you?

8- Take responsibility for your actions.

Don’t blame others for your lack of success. Yes, you might have some kind of setback, but we all do. Persevere and overcome it.

9- Manners.

Last but not least, display and exemplify good manners. Nothing, other than your health is more important in life than your good manners. BE A GENTLEMAN . It’s not easy, and takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

10- Respect.

Have a good relationship with your parents. The support and love of your family is invaluable throughout your lifetime. Having respect for them helps you learn to respect others. Don’t use derogatory language or use offensive language in mixed company.


Stand up for yourself. Speak up when others are afraid to. Own up when you make a mistake. Be honest and direct.

12- Patience.

Don’t lose your temper – stay in control. Think “Roadhouse.” If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to watch it – it should help give you a picture of what a “real” man looks like in comparison to all the man-children walking this earth.


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