Wet Season Weddings: Handy Tips For Your Owambe Styles 

A fashion icon once said “true fashion knows no comfort”. While that statement proves to be true 80% of the time, do not try it to wet bumpy, muddy Lagos Owambes. Not only will you be uncomfortable, you stand a chance at one of the most epic falls ever. What comes right after that painful, embarrassing fall is you becoming the latest social media meme. Which intermittently means that the awkwardness will last for longer than it should until you start to find it funny too. 

It’s wet season, but it’s also July!  For some odd reasons, people know how wet July gets(oops! that sounded weird, but let’s carry on). People already know that the most amount of rainfall comes in July, yet it seems to be everyone’s favorite time to tie the knot.

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As a wedding guest, you want to celebrate with the couple, cheer for then but also watch out for yourself  fashionically!  Of course it’s wet season, you can’t wear your regular flowing dressing and thin stilettos, you wa t to be safe, but still look hot and make a timeless piece you can rock in and out of the season. 

Here are a few tips you will find handy when picking the style for your next owambe event. 

Make it midi length 

Photo Obtained via pinterest @asoebibella

As a hot girl, there’s a nearly irresistible urge to wear a dress as long as that of the bride to every Owambe. Do everything in your powe to resist that urge this time around. The roads are messy because of the rain. Except you intend to remain on your seat through out the event which is nearly impossible, the dry cleaner will have to reject your dress or over charge you.

OPt for statement sleeves

Photo Obtained via pinterest @OD9jastyles

Due to the unpredictable weather, it gets chilly within the twinkle of an eye. Another thing I find very weird is that,  Nigerians feel the need to have the AC on 16 even when the weather is already freezing. So dear Lovelies, instead of that thin see-through sleeve you’d rather have, go for long statement sleeves. They’re iconic.

You will be grateful to have a veil

If you settle for a thin sleeve, convince your fashion designer to make a small scarf of a thin veil for you. You will thank me later.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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