Wedding Dress Code: The Dos and Don’ts

There are so many arguments over what to wear to a wedding. Some people want to wear formal attire, while others say you can wear anything you want. People want to be expressive with what they wear, but it is important to do this on your own terms, not at other people’s events. The wedding dress code is not as rigid as some might think. There are no hard and fast rules about what to wear and what not to wear. Your outfit should be comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and reflect your personality.

There are a few general rules to follow when choosing your outfit, however. We’re here to help answer all of those questions and more, because weddings are meant to be fun and stress-free—and we want yours to be just that. So without further ado, here are some dos and don’ts for attending a Nigerian wedding:

Dress up!

This is a celebration of the marriage between two people who love each other. It’s not a place for business casual or jeans. You should dress with respect for the event but also remember that it’s not mandatory that you wear traditional clothing (Aso Ebi). if you do show up in jeans and a t-shirt or an extremely casual dress, you could be turned away at the door! No matter how casual or laid-back the bride might seem, she will still expect her guests to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Dress conservatively.

There’s a reason why the word “modest” is in the same sentence as “traditional.” Some weddings have strict guidelines about what guests can wear, so if you’re going to someone else’s wedding and don’t know their dress code rules beforehand, err on the side of caution by dressing modestly. This doesn’t mean wearing long sleeves and long skirts! No! It means you should respect your host enough to cover up, you can be sexy and moderate at the same time.  You want to make sure everyone feels comfortable around you especially your host.


The colour debate.

Definitely don’t wear white, cream or beige unless it’s an all-white wedding with no other colors involved (this is rare). This is still a huge debate. White is a universally flattering color, so it’s a safe bet for anyone. But this colour it’s a classic color for weddings, and it’ll give you that “bride-to-be” look. If it is a multi-color affair, make sure your outfit isn’t too bright so that it doesn’t clash with anything else in the room. Also avoid wearing black because black is associated with death in some cultures and isn’t usually worn at weddings. Some brides however like black, so if that is the chosen colour of the day, then go for it.

Follow the dress code.

Some invitations usually come with dress codes. These might be formal or the regular aso-ebi. For formal events, it is important not to show up in a traditional attire if the invitation specifically asks you to show up in a formal attire. It will be ridiculous to be decked in a traditionally made corset dress instead of a formal dinner dress for a formal wedding dinner.


Wear something comfortable

This one may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Being uncomfortable will show on your face and in your attitude no matter how hard you try to mask it. You don’t want to show up in uncomfortable shoes or clothes that aren’t made for dancing (or standing for hours on end). It’s best if you wear something loose and breathable so that you don’t feel too hot during the ceremony or reception. If it doesn’t make you feel like a queen/king, don’t wear it.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever outfit you choose. If you don’t feel good about the way you look, it will show on your face and in your body language—and nobody wants that! Be sure that everything fits properly, but also that it is flattering and appropriate for the occasion (yes, even if it means wearing heels).

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