Vintage Rain At The SYE Reunion: Yay or nay?

Lovelies!! The gworlz them pulled up in lovely vintage slay two nights ago. Again, I apologize for being late with this, of course there were some distracting situations we couldn’t wrap our heads around, but we stay focused.

The vintage outfits didn’t really get the streets talking, doesn’t mean we won’t be talking about it. A few folks however had a lot to say.

Let’s open the floor for that speech shall we? How do you think biggies’s angels did?







Jackie B

So lovelies, what’s your take? Talk to me in the comment section, let’s rant and gist and maybe gossip shall we?😌

I love love Maria and Jackie’s look, they are so on theme, although, there’s a lot of crimson happening with Jackie, but she definitely didn’t miss her chance to look like the IT girl from the 90s. 

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Ciao for now.😌❤️

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