“U-Turn” Movie Review (2/10)

Happy Sunday Lovelies! Long time no movie review, who missed me? I watched “U-Turn” so y’all don’t have to watch it, see I’m so annoyed right now! Maybe it’s me that didn’t understand the movie and what it was about, but it wasn’t the best movie I have seen in a while.

I’m trying so hard not to spoil it because they spent money on the movie, but nooo, Gabriel Afolayan needs to tender a public apology and refund us for data and time watching that movie, because it was that bad! Honestly, “U-Turn” shouldn’t be on Netflix, it shouldn’t even be on YouTube, I don’t even know where it should be. I like Gabriel Afolayan, but nahhh, that movie wasn’t it for me. 

What was the movie about? I really don’t know. A man, Mr Chukwu something (Gabriel Afolayan) wanted to chatter a cab to Ibadan, after agreeing to the price, they embarked on the journey. They initially showed a backstory of the driver, Mr Kamo (Ebun Oloyede) who was poor and struggling and had made up his mind to get rich at all costs. For no reason after starting their trip, the driver started insulting Mr Chukwu in Yoruba. He kept cursing him and saying different things, thinking he didn’t understand him.

I wasn’t even surprised at all when Mr Chukwu said something in Yoruba, I was expecting it. They continued their journey with them having unnecessary conversations and setbacks. Imagine someone that said he was in a hurry, spent minutes or hours pushing a car when they ran out of fuel, and then there was the unnecessary scene at the filling station.

Speaking of unnecessary scenes, 95% of the movie was unnecessary. That scene of them going to eat fufu or the race with the bus driver. Thing is there are actually big actors and actresses in the movie, like people we haven’t seen in a while, but they were just like “waka pass” with one line each. Mr Gabriel didn’t do this one well o!

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“U-turn” was actually a little bit funny, but the annoyance wouldn’t let you enjoy the funny parts. I honestly kept taking breaks every 20 mins so I could complete it in order to write this review. I’m so glad it wasn’t more than 1hr25mins though, maybe I would have left it. Thank God. 

I honestly have nothing more to say, honestly, and to think they spent hourssss to stop midway to Ibadan and then come back to Lagos in minutes. See, I give up!

I’m rating the movie 2/10. The 2 is for the money and efforts they put into the movie. It shouldn’t be up to 2, but let’s just dash them. I’m so sorry the rating is low, but the movie was really bad to me. Bad storyline, bad plot, everything didn’t make sense to me!

You can watch it on Netflix in case you want to see for yourself, please feel free and you can watch the trailer here

Have you seen “U Turn”? What do you think of the movie? Do you think my review did justice or I was too harsh? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

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