#TTTillInfinity: A Tale Of Two Lovers!

I’ve known Tobi since I was 12. We attended the same secondary school in Nigeria and we were in the same grade. We would see each other in passing but never spoke, although I knew his twin sister who was also in the same grade with us, she and I would speak from time to time. I didn’t know much about Tobi while in secondary school, he was just a classmate that I saw in passing.

We reconnected on facebook about 6 years later, after both of us moved to the States. When we reconnected, we exchanged phone numbers. I remember this one time he had texted me randomly and he said he goes to the same College I was attending. My silly self fell for the prank too and I was getting excited and was texting back and forth thinking he now goes to my college just before he burst my bubble and said he was joking. After that, we would text or call each other few times in a year mainly during birthdays and other major life events.

Then one day while I was in pharmacy school after finishing a tough exam, I picked my phone and randomly called him one night; from then on we would talk from once a week as friends, to twice a week and eventually everyday just as friends for several months. About 6 months later we started dating and the rest they say is history.

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