Toyin Lawani’s  Versatile Hot Pink Piece!  

You can call Toyin Lawani a controversial creative, since she’s always in the blogs especially for her works. That’s okay. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being controversial after all, one of our legendary singers very correctly said 

“If nobody talks about you, then you’re nobody”.


However, despite the controversy, the one thing we all cannot deny is the creativity and versatility of the fashion King who also identifies as a star maker.

Having done this fashion thing for 2 solid decades, Toyin Lawani has mastered the art turning just about anything into a wearable fashion piece. And we mean the word anything in every sense of the word; cups, plates, cutleries, stationeries, newspapers?

News paper dress by Toyin lawani

We are unable to comprehend how anyone can see an outfit in these things but she sees it and brings them to life, effortlessly! Well, not so effortless, this is a lot of mind and handwork.

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Toyin lawani’s hot pink Transformer dress

It is out of this genius mastery that Toyin Lawani blessed our timeline with one of the most versatile hot pink pieces you have ever seen and will probably ever see.

Toyin lawani’s hot pink dress

On the first look, we see a vibrant, hot pink haute couture dress, but this soon unfolds into 7 more styles. As the styles changes, you see enchanting mix of color combinations you probably never thought could make good sisters. 

This writer has come to the conclusion that while Tiannah may not be the designer you want to go to for your casual pieces, you can slip into for any random event, she is definitely the best person to bring your couture dreams to life. Think editorials, and unforgettable fashion shoots. I reckon her craft absolutely Met gala and Vogue worthy.

Well, that is merely my own sentiment. What’s your take Lovelies? And how are you feeling this hot pink outfittttssss which one is your fave? Let me know in the comment section guys!

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