Top 6 Nigerian celebrity recreated looks!

Fashion is art and artists often get inspired by other artists to create their own art. In most recent years, we see Nigerian celebrities recreated looks making the loudest buzz and internet breaking appearance. When a Nigerian celebrity recreates another celebrity’s look, best believe they always understand the assignment to the core and do a perfect job!

On this lovely Sunday evening lovelies, we’re talking about 6 times Nigerian celebrities recreated looks and ate without leaving crumbs. 

1. Nengi /Jlo’s look

For her 23rd birthday, Nengi recreated Jlo’s look. The latter had worn the same outfit and a similar pose for her shoe launch the year before.

2. Nengi recreating Beyoncé black assymetric dress

You really do not need anyone to tell you that our girl Nengi is a hardcore Beehive. Take a look at how she slayed this rendition of Beyoncé’s vogue look from 2020.

3. Nengi recreating Beyoncé Ośun look

The assignment at the coming to America 2 movie premier was royalty. What better way to do that than to come through looking like a reigning Queen? 

4. Erica / Beyoncé

With just a little tweak here and there, Star girl Erica remade Beyoncés look to 2016 Grammy’s  for one of her deal signing. 

5. Bisola/ Beyoncé

This look is so simple and straight to the point, Bisola ate and left no crumbs at all!

6. Lilly Afe/Cardi B

This has to be the flyest Nigerian celebrities recreated looks in history. Lilly Afe’s glam team strikes me to be some of those students in maths class, that tries to solve a maths equation then return to tell the teacher, the question was wrong and they’d be right about that. Genius!!

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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