Top 5 Nigerian Local Drinks We All love!

I am specially dedicating this post to us picky eaters. Picky eaters in this context means that you are the type that skims through the menu twice or more before deciding on what to have, or you’re so dissatisfied with the available options and you end up skipping meals, or you got so busy and completely forgot to eat.  I am all three of these people. 

Contrary to popular misconception, it is not that we do not like to eat, the issue is that we want to eat the best things and these things are not readily available due to one reason or the other. This reason is also accompanied with the fact that we’re not big eaters, so even when we find the food we want, we will be all good after having 3 to 4 spoons.

People like us always have to depend on liquids to fill us. Water, juices, wines, soda, you name it! We always have a water bottle filled with anything but water with us. At least I always do.🌚 And in a world where social benefit is treated like a voiceless crippled beggar on the streets, it’s hard, if not nearly impossible to get 100% pure drink or juice. There’s just always some sort of additives that diminishes it’s nutrients, it could be color, preservatives, sweetener just about anything. 

Thus, our kinds are rescued by Nigerian local drinks. These drinks are made or brewed with fruits, plants and flowers. They are highly nutritive and very filling. So even when all we have all day is different varieties of each drink, we’re as good as those that had solid meals too. But abeg dey chop oo!!

That said, ladies and gentlemen, Nigerian local drinks we love.🤌


Photo obtained via Pinterest @MyactiveKitchen
Photo obtained via pinterest @myactivekitchen

If at all you’ve never heard of or seen this drink before, you must be familiar with the new trend statement; ‘this is cold zobo, the zobo is cold’. While that is almost unrelated to our discussion, I must say that you’re not considered Nigerian enough if you don’t have a zobo experience. 

Photo obtained via pinterest @yummymedley

The popular beverage is brewed with dry hibiscus leaves. People add pineapple, ginger, rum and sometimes sugar to give it more enjoyable taste. As expected Zobo comes with so many health benefits. It is known to manage blood pressure, reduce menstrual cramps, aids weight loss and so on.


Photo obtained via pinterest @Weebly

Now kunu is so tricky!! I’ve never tried to make it but I think it takes a special skill or super powers to get it right. I believe getting that perfectly tasty, sweet kunu is quite a reach.

It’s a drink made from millet, so thick and creamy, and when brewed with blended ginger it leaves this tingly spicy-sweet aftertaste in a way that no other meal does. 

Let me also add mention how filling this drink is. You almost do not need to have it with anything else. Kunu is known to promote a healthy digestive system, it’s aids lactation in nursing mothers and reduces the risk of diabetes.

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I’m so excited about this one!! I’m an ijaw girl, I guess the reason for my excitement goes without saying. Yet! Palm wine is one of the Nigerian local drinks that has defiled ethnicity and made itself available for everyone. It’s the alcoholic extract gotten from the palm tree. When we’re talking about palm wine, of course fresh palm wine is good, but have you had undiluted fermented palmwine with fried meat??! I am salivating as I write this because it’s so heavenly! 

Palm wine is probably the most versatile of all on this list. It serves celebratory, religious and medical purposes. Medically, palmwine has been debated to fight cancer, improve eyesights among other things.


Photo obtained via instagram @kitchenbutterfly

For a very long time as a child, I thought this was this was the drink called ‘Pito’ . Even when people told me it wasn’t, I wouldn’t stop calling it that, it just sounded right somehow. Adoyo is a juice made with fermented pap water, pineapple, lemongrass leaves and actual lemon. 

People have argued that Adoyo is not a Nigerian local drink but rather a Togolese one. While that may be right, who are we to blame for the misconception? We grew up seeing and drinking this in Nigeria.

Photo obtained via instagram @ounjealadun

Judging from the ingredients, and color, you’d probably expect this to taste sweet but no, it gives a sour but pleasant taste. It is more medicinal than tasty. Adoyo is known to cure malaria, help treat arthritis, and develop stronger bones.

Tiger-nut Milk 

Photo obtained via pinterest

Locally known as Kunun Aya. Tigernut drink is a go-to alternative for a lactose intolerant person. The highly nutritive beverage is also known to be rich in magnesium, which is good for handling hair loss, it helps to balance the pH of a woman, acts as and anti fungal infections. In men, tigernut milk boosts the libido, and sperm count, it also treats erectile dysfunction.

So, these lovelies are our favorite Nigerian drinks and why we love them. Is there a drink you were hoping to see and we missed? Let us know in the comment section, I’m always reading with my big eyes. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on other fantastic posts like this one.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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