Top 4 Fashionable African Women In Tech.

There has been a lot of talk about the gender gap in the tech industry. Whether or not you think there is a gap, one thing is for sure, tech is a male-dominated industry. However, we want to raise the profile of some of the amazing women in the industry.

Now you’ve probably heard of the term “techies” which refers to the people who wear joggers and hoodies 24/7 and spend their day staring at the computer. However, these stereotypes are so wrong. We compiled a list of the top four stylish African women in tech who will definitely blow your mind. let’s take a ride!

fade ogunro (nigerian)

Well, let’s just say, once a media queen, always a media queen. Fade Ogunro is a media personality who doubles as a techpreneur and the CEO of bookings Africa- A pan-Africa online marketplace, pioneering digital works in the country. Her style is sleek and modern, and she is always ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion trends. She has a keen eye for detail, and her outfits are always put together perfectly.

yanmo omoregbe (nigerian)

Yanmo Omorogbe is the co-founder of Bamboo, an app that empowers the average Nigerian to become a shareholder in tech giants such as Google, Twitter, and Amazon. Not only is Yanmo winning in the tech industry, but her style is also killing the game. With her chic outfits, minimal makeup, and sleek hairdos, our good sis is definitely not here to play!.

bozoma saint-john(ghana)

If the tech queen and the chief marketing executive who has implemented her expertise in giant tech firms like Netflix, Apple, and Uber, Bozoma Saint John, were to launch a style school, this writer would be more than willing to be a student. One undeniable fact is, she’s not just a badass techie, she is a style star!

Damilola Odufuwa(nigeria)

In between co-founding two tech startups, Damilola definitely didn’t sacrifice her style game for her successful career. The Nigerian-born entrepreneur is known for her signature bold and colorful looks, which she often pairs with stiletto heels. Even when she’s running between meetings or working late into the night, Damilola always looks put-together and polished. We love to see it!

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