Top 3  Asian restaurants in Lagos.

This article will be a relatively short one, and it’s aim is simple; to plug you to the best Asian restaurants in Lagos. 

Have you ever been to a Chinese/ Japanese  Korean restaurant in Lagos and the whole experience was bleh and under-whelming? Rather than giving you nicely rolled Gimbap and savory broths,  you got served hot disappointment? Well you’re not alone.

Before I visit a restaurant, I make effort to check out for reviews and know what to expect. Yet, some of the most sought after Asian restaurants in Lagos are all hype, overpriced meals, wrong ambience and annoying staff.

Anyway, get your chopsticks ready lovelies! I’m about to plug you to some of the best Asian restaurants in lagos. 

1. Hua Han restauraNt

First of all, I love that  it’s a fusion of both Chinese and Korean cuisines. The ambience is another thing I can promise you will fall in love it. There’s just something about eating Korean meals and the environment sets you in the right mood, the furnitures and general decor, is giving! Lastly, the meals are very tasty and tastes authentic, you can savor all the spices.

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2. Prime Chinese restaurant.

Let’s summarize this in a nutshell; tasty food, good quantity for your money, polite and helpful staff, lastly, very very clean restroom.

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3. Izanagi Japanese Cuisine.

The best sushi lives here lovelies. The best ambience too. Very relaxing environment with enough space. Extensive menu, so you’ll never run out of options.

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Have you tried out any of these restaurants, kindly share your experience with us, we want to hear it!!!

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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