Top 10 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Are Fine Anyhow!

Hi lovelies, Nigerian men are fineeeeeee! I’m sure you know this by now, I mean look at your man! Maybe that’s why they misbehave, because they know they are hanss. Then there are these handsome, hot, hawwwttt, men in the Nigerian entertainment industry that gets us swooning every time they show up on our screens, and makes us think “chai, if I catch this man ehn!” in our minds!

Okay, maybe we don’t all think bad sturvs towards them 🌚, but they are just fine and we love seeing them. Not only that, with their fineness and hotness, some of them even have good fashion sense, Oh God! How can only one man be fine and still look good effortlessly? Just have me already!! I’m yours *coughs* Ebuka *coughs*!

Now from actors to musicians and everything in between, also in no particular order, let’s see 10 hott Nigerian male celebrities men we have once crushed on! Let’s go!

1. Ebuka


See the way one man is fine like so many people, hay God!! Ebuka is effortlessly fine and this girl would keep crushing till whenever!

2. Neo Akpofure


Such a tall and hanzz man, God dey create abeggg!! I love his fashion sense and “I don’t care” attitude. Fine man.

3. RMD


Please how is this man anyone’s daddy or grandpa? See, he is everyone’s daddy. He’s my daddy, he is your daddy. Let someone tell his family they can’t claim ownership on this man, because he is for all of us! Handsome people can not be for only one person pleasee.

4. Ik Ogbonna


5. Timini Egbuson


Let’s not lie, he’s fine o, but I don’t really feel him like that, he’s got bad guy vibess and I don’t roll with that. But he’s so many ladies’ specccc, and lovelies would kill me with “where is Timini? Where is Timini?” 😂So, enjoy!

6. Banky W


7. Bolanle Ninolowo


8. Mike Edwards


9. Kunle Remi


10. Efa Iwara


Lovelies, there are soooo many fine Nigerian male celebrities and I can’t add them all, sorry lol. Who should have made the list and isn’t there? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these hot men, because, I did!

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