The Wildflower Movie Review (6.5/10)

The Wildflower sheds a light into various types of abuse through the stories of two women and a teenage girl who all went through their own shares of physical, verbal and sexual abuse in the hands of men.

The story explores the prevalent issues of domestic abuse in homes, sexual harassment and assault in work places and also exposes rape culture and how people in the know cover it up for various reasons, and how those who should notice barely even notice. This topic is such a delicate and sensitive one, but I liked how they handled the subject without doing too much or too little.

It all started with Mama Adaolisa (Toyin Abraham) constantly getting abused by her husband, and despite her pain and suffering, she puts on a brave face for her children and tries to keep the family together. Adaolisa, the older daughter, is also affected by her parents’ toxic relationship and has to deal with the added burden of sexual harassment from their neighbor, Johntana.

And then there was Rolake “Rolly” Dabiri (Damilare Kuku), despite how overqualified she was, applied to be the personal assistant to Mr Gowon Williams (Deyemi Okanlawon), a powerful CEO of an architectural company. I mean she practically worshiped him, and her getting the job was like a dream come true, little did she know he had other wicked acts planned.

Due to how much she revered him, it made her overlook his inappropriateness, even her boyfriend had warned her, of course one would count that as just normal jealousy. Her job required her to be closer to him, and on one of their trips, he forced himself on her— which was a usual thing he had always done to his personal assistants.

Though the movie shared three stories, the main movie was about Rolake. I think I would have loved it better if the main story focused more on sexual harassment in the office, but it all came together alright at the end. Now, to get justice Rolly had to do one of the most dreaded things, going up against a rich and powerful man, but she did and eventually became victorious.

So many times in the movie, I wanted to cuss out Deyemi Okanlawon, but had to just constantly remind myself it’s a movie and he’s just playing out the script, which he did perfectly well. Honestly, I was really annoyed at the role he played and the people he was portraying. I think the acting was good, everyone played their roles well, the story line was also really great too.

However, there were a few parts of the story that felt neglected and incomplete. Like what happened to Mama Adaolisa’s husband after he ran away? That question didn’t get answered and I kept waiting for an explanation, but no, it was ignored. It seemed as though that whole family was forgotten because what eventually happened to the sister that stopped talking due to PTSD? Even Adaolisa, how did her story end? I know they were kind of supporting roles, but they didn’t make us feel they were supporting acts from the onset and it was like they forgot about them later on.

But who can complain about a filmmaker’s decision to tell the stories of as many women as possible, especially when such stories, sensitive as they are, are explored with such honesty, kindness and genuineness as this movie does?

I honestly would have liked it better if it was mostly about Rolake, like I said earlier, but either way it’s a great movie. It tells important stories and educates in the process, and it is interesting, too. I didn’t get bored for a minute.

Overall, The Wildflower is a powerful and important film that shines a light on a critical issue facing many households in Nigeria and around the world. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in promoting awareness and change around domestic violence and sexual harassment.

I’m rating the movie a 6.5/10, because it’s more than an average movie and has a good storyline, but also just alright. It’s available on Netflix, you can see it there. Also check out the trailer here!

Have you seen The Wildflower? What are your thoughts on the movie? What do you also think of my review?

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