“The Wait” Movie Review (8.5/10)!

The Wait is a beautiful, faith based movie inspired by the book series “God’s Waiting Room by Yewande Zacheaus”, with a lovely storyline I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a movie about waiting.

At some point in our lives, we’ve had to wait or are currently waiting for something, be it for a job, life partner, child or anything else. And the movie talks about the anxiety, pain, struggles, doubts, faith, attached to waiting, so you don’t have to feel alone during the time, because you are not alone. 

The storyline was in two parts, but the main story gave us a glimpse into the lives and realities of women expecting or struggling to have their own children. The family pressures, societal pressures, self doubt, mental stress and emotional rollercoaster they experience, wow. How the season of waiting affects their relationships, and life in general until they eventually get or do not get what they want. It was an emotional, yet lovely journey. The movie was so touching, I almost shed tears at some point, but I’m a hard girl na— we don’t cry!

The Wait was too beautiful. The infusion of faith, the talks about the purpose of waiting, the community of sisters—and a brother— that support each other, cry together and hold hands through the struggles was so lovely to see. It was amazing. Loved how the husbands in the movie were so supportive and amazing. I wish everyone waiting would have men like that in their lives, because it would make the wait more bearable.

I really liked that scene of Mr Williams standing up to his mum for disrespecting his wife due to them not having a child yet, and I was like “yessss, a king I Stan!” Another scene that really got to me was that of Mrs Williams crying to God to have mercy on her and answer her. I really felt her pain, it was too touching. 

The acting was superb! It was amazingggg! They brought their A-games, no lie. I enjoyed every second of The Wait and I didn’t even want it to end. That movie is amazing! It has soooo much knowledge in it and it’s a must watch if you haven’t seen it. 

The actors were also so fine, they really played their roles well, they delivered 100 percent. The cinematography was great, soundtracks, everything was great in my opinion. I really really enjoyed it. 

I loved how their stories played out, because when you finally get that thing, that one thing you’ve been expecting, it all makes it all worthwhile. And if you don’t eventually get it through a path you’re focusing on, you can always try another route. Or if you don’t get it at all, you don’t have to stop living because you are more than what you’re waiting for. 

I’m rating the movie an 8.5/10, because it’s really worth it for me. You can watch “The Wait” on Netflix if you haven’t seen it, see the trailer here

I leave you with these parting words from the movie, I hope they resonate with you and help you stand firm in your waiting session. 

“Life is about the choices we make and the choices we make determine the outcome of our wait. Do not wait in despair. Choose to wait in joyful anticipation, living your best life and trusting that God will come through for you in His own time and in His own way.

There is so much purpose in the waiting. Do not waste the wait. You’ll be transformed from who you are to who He has called you to be. And sometimes it may tarry, but when it arrives, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul. 

Why does God make us wait? I think He wants us to grow in patience and endurance, which refines our character and leads us to fulfilling His purpose for our lives.” — The wait. 

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts on it and what do you think of my review? Share your thoughts in the comments, I would be reading! ❤️

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