“The Razz Guy” Movie Review: Skip or Watch?

The razz guy is about the story of a condescending man Temi (played by Lasisi) who goes extra lengths to correct everyone’s grammar, by scorning and publicly ridiculing them, with no one spared including friends, family and co-workers. Though he was really good at his job, he never misses a chance to boast about it in the faces of others, whilst making them feel bad while at it.

On a particular day at his office, two people snapped their fingers at him due to his behaviour, he met a cleaner with supernatural powers and after correcting his English as usual, the man asked him if he knew that three people snapping their fingers at him was a taboo which makes a befitting curse follow him. Weird.

Anyways, the man snapped his finger and just like that, Temi with great English started speaking nonsense anytime he tried to talk, which was an irony coming from someone that cared about everyone’s grammar. 

The movie progresses with him looking for ways to lift the curse, going to a pastor/ herbalist played by Mc Lively and looking for ways to hide it from his high class girlfriend (Nancy Isime), by conniving with his doctor, blah blah…

I really can’t say if I enjoyed the movie or not, it was “just there” to me to be honest. Of course there were some funny scenes, I mean a movie with Broda Shaggi, Mc Lively and even Lasisi, but I got tired of it. I slept off in the middle and continued the next day because I had to write this review, but it wasn’t all that bad though, it was alright. 

The movie was just there, I’d rate a 5/10 for all the hard work they put. Their acting was okay, but the storyline wasn’t really it for me. You can watch on Netflix if you’d like to see it. 

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it? Is my review apt or do you have other opinions? Share with us in the comments! 

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