“The Order Of Things” Review (4.5/10)

Happy Sunday lovelies, have you seen “The Order Of Things”? I wouldn’t say it was a great watch, but it wasn’t all bad either. I didn’t really enjoy it though, I was bored and I felt like fast forwarding some scenes, but it really wasn’t all that bad.

The movie tells the story of two brothers Demi (Obi Maduegbuna) and Tunde ( Timini Egbuson). According to “the order of things”, Demi ( the elder brother) had to achieve things before the younger brother. It had always been a thing in their family, a rule their mum constantly reminded them of. Demi had proposed to his lover and on sharing the news to his mum, she opposed it, because you know “according to the order of things…”.

Their mum wanted Demi the elder brother to get married first, and this seemed impossible at the time, because Demi was a nerdy gamer, who was awkward around women and had given up on love due to an embarrassing experience he had when he was younger. Now with their mum insisting Demi had to get married before Tunde —Mr life goals & timelines, they had to come up with plans and every possible way to get him someone fast.

Sure, he eventually finds someone at the end, but the movie really lacked emotion in my opinion. It was supposed to be a romantic story if I’m right, but it wasn’t romantic. There wasn’t much chemistry, no “awwn awwn” moments. The movie even gave more advert for 5 Alive and Bournvita than the entire plot itself, I mean they could have been more subtle.

The movie was straight to the point though, a nerdy man looking for love finds a nerdy woman looking for love and they live happily ever after. I loved how they featured many rising stars, because we need more new faces in Nollywood. And though the  acting was okay, the script probably made the movie flat.

Eskis me o, please what was Lateef Adedimeji’s character in that movie? He made me laugh a few times, then the other times I was like “what’s this one even doing in this movie”. He speaks with an accent sometimes and the next minute you won’t hear it anymore.

Alsoooo, I thought their mum had a thing with Charles Inojie. I was expecting them to say something about it. I mean that scene of them going on a honeymoon in the same car was weird (even the joint wedding was weird), anyways, I thought the mum called to tell them she was seeing someone, but no, they never said anything about it.

All in all, the acting wasn’t bad, the story was “meh”, the cinematography and everything else was alright. It wasn’t a bad watch, but not that sweet either. I’m rating it a 4.5/10. It’s now available on Netflix if you’d like to see it, enjoy!

What are your thoughts, Lovelies, have you seen “The Order of Things”? What would you be rating the movie? Would you like to check it out if you haven’t? Let us know in the comments!

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