“The Holy Spirit told me to ask for a gift, and I asked for a gift in Human Form”— Bisola and Adetola’s Love Story
Love Story Shared by Bisola:
During one of my night devotions, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to ask him for a gift… it was a month to my birthday 2 years ago. I felt content with all I had at the time and the only thing I think I lacked was a man… lol.
Still in the place of prayer, I told the holy spirit “I think I need a man” but one month is too short to bag a husband especially with these talking stages that are not looking like it.
Adetola would call me, be on the phone with me for 3-4 hours, and not call for another 1 week…
But I heard the Holy Spirit say, ASK.
Straight up, I asked for a birthday gift in human form.
Adetola and I had been on talking stage for about 7 months amidst other talking stages… sharp girl, but Adetola was my favourite of them all.

Three days later, Adetola called to ask me to be his girlfriend, telling me he had prayed about it, and he thought I should do the same. I prayed and had the conviction connecting it to my request at prayer time 3 days before.

Fun fact: I married him on our first date because man showed up and was all I’ve been praying for… lol.

We loveeeee beautiful love stories like Bisola and Adetola’s! Who else is blushing like we are? We can also share your love story too, you just have to send your pictures and “how we met” story to [email protected] to get featured.

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