The Dirty Truth About Kaun(Edible Potash)  revealed!!

Kaun otherwise known as edible potash is an antique cooking condiment in Nigeria. It is more popular among the Yorubas even though other tribes uses it.  Kaun is a type of lake salt that is often used to soften foods and ultimately reduce cooking time. Some of these foods includes beans, okidi, Ugba, Abacha, fresh ponmo, corn, and ewedu, okra to enhance their viscosity.

A picture of Kaun (edible potash)

Over the years there’s been a lot of controversy  around the edibility of this additive. Some nutritionist believe that it’s edible in as much as you do so in minimal quantity and keep it off infants and pregnant women. Other world renowned nutritionist have established that not only is Kaun not edible, it is harmful to your health as a person. 

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Be healthy Africa posits that in contrast to the popular understanding that Kaun is made up of edible potassium, it actually contains more sodium than the former which makes it very dangerous for human consumption. 

5 ways consuming Kaun can harm your body.

  • It causes testicular injuries in men.

In 2016, the guardian reported that high intake of potash(Kaun) is capable of reducing sperm production in men. This is reportedly due to high concentration of sodium in the additive.

  • It can induce abortion in early pregnancies
  • Known to cause organ failure (heart,liver and kidney)
  • Kaun/edible potash reduces the protein in food
  • It  causes high blood pressure.


Nevertheless, the article is not to say that Kaun is completely useless to humanity, it sure has other uses tagt are not culinary related.

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