The Black Book Movie Review: Stream or Skip?

Happy Sunday Lovelies!! Have you seen “The Black Book”? What would you be rating the movie? The black book is a Nigerian action movie with a plot based on revenge and justice. The story begins with kidnappers taking a man and his little child. We later discover that they are the husband and child of a Professor Craig, played by Bimbo Akintola. The local police get there in time, engage in some gunfights with the kidnappers and end up capturing one of their members, who they just described as “a tall dark man with dreads”.

I couldn’t help but think oh, with the way these people are describing the kidnapper, and not actually releasing helpful details or pictures, I’m sure they would end up profiling an innocent young man, and of course they did! The boy who was framed and killed was the son of a mercenary who had worked for the government, Paul Edima. He was a retired priest, but his constant attempts to clear his son’s name without any success made him decide to seek justice on his own.

What did I enjoy about the movie? The movie was up to a really great start, I believe everyone played their roles awesomely, the cinematography and set was really good too. I liked the real life themes they talked about, it was good. However, I also feel like they were trying to tackle so many issues at the same time and it made it the vibe the movie had from the beginning.

I believe the danger of chasing too many things at a time cannot be overemphasized in Nollywood. Oftentimes they want to explore several themes thereby losing us along the way with so many questions needing to be answered. The black book isn’t a bad movie, I would recommend it if you don’t mind seeing some action movie without having any serious expectations in mind.

Is it a stream or skip? Let me know your thoughts if you have seen it! It’s available on Netflix if you’d like to see the movie, and you can watch the trailer here.

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