The Best Dressed Ladies At The 2022 AMVCA 

2022 AMVCA was lit Lovelies!!  Well, I wasn’t there, but I know it was lit, I watched it.🌚 I liked a lot of things at the event, the stage, the lighting, the hall setting, and the ushers you guys!! They looked so beautiful and were very professional from what we saw in stage. Thumbs up Multi-choice and/or Multi-choice

I think this is the most eventful week we’ve had all year, so far. As  we anticipated the biggest accolades nights of the year, Multi-choice and Africa magic treated us to daily ‘parte after parte’.  

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the AMVCA, we got a whole delightful week of African designers runway show, celebration of African culture, nominees party and a lot more like that.

And yet again, while we’re excited for the winners and nominees, we love to see them get their flowers and recognition. I want to say this, it’s really encouraging when people  see your hard work and commitment and it is even more satisfying when they decide to award you for it. This is one ultimate reason why I love awards much. So yes! Congratulations to the winners and nominees again!!

But Lovelies, you already know why this accolades night is so important to me too, to us, even though we are neither winners nor nominees. We get to soak up and savor all the style, glitz, details and glamor! So this is the penultimate reason why I love awards so much. We love any good excuse to talk fashion, to see designers and stylist express themselves in their art, we are here for it!

Let me also say this, all the guests looked fantastic! They may not have met our expectations, but they all put in the effort and that’s so major. Let’s also appreciate Nigerian stylists. Curating styles and meeting peoples aesthetic taste is almost an Herculean task, but they do it like it’s nothing and that’s just magical. 

But you know why we’re gathered here today ladies and gentlemen. Who went all out, ate it up and left no crumbs??!  Bodied it and made their stylists and designers’ shoulder pad rise in pride of their art? Who got everyone talking about their dress?!!

Let’s open the floor for the best dressed guests at the 2022 AMVCA  shall we.🤌

Erica Nlewedim

Wearing @Patrycja Kujawa photo obtained via @ericanlewedim

I must reiterate that this number went to Harvard, such gorgeousness!! I love how extra extra it is. How it can go from that to simple and classy in a twinkle of an eye.

The wrinkly dazzling green, the butterfly details, they look so real, you’d almost forget they were positioned in that way. It’s just so dreamy and perfect for the event, we love it!

Natacha Akide (Symply Tacha)

Styled by Medlin boss, wearing Xtrabrideslagos | photo obtained via Instagram @symplyTacha

One thing we all know is, the ‘No Leave No Transfer’ CEO can never be caught in a fashion fail. The whole look is just perfect, each detail, compliments the other. The high Chinese ponytail, her pose, the subtle steamy make up, the pearly tiers of the dress. She looks like she was puffed out of a bougee cigarette and was sprinkled with crystals. We love!😍

From here on out, I’ll present you with just pictures and let you do the talking in the comment section!

Alex Unusual

Osas Ighodaro

Wearing Veekee James| photo obtained via Instagram @veekeejamesofficial

Rebecca Nengi Hampson

Wearing Xtrabrideslagos, styled by Medlin boss| photo obtained via Instagram @nengiofficial

Idia Aisien

Wearing CEO Luminee, styled by Swanky Jerry| Photo obtained via Instagram @IdiaAisien 


styled by CEO Luminee|photo obtained via Instagram @bukunmioluwasina

Bonang Matheba 

Triple Styled by Dahmola, wearing Sheye Oladejo
Styled by Dahmola, wearing House of Dova

Lilo Aderogba

Wearing luxebyBecca styled by flostyling| photo obtained via Instagram @liloaderogba

Lovelies, I want to make the list longer but you know, there’s only so much google will allow me do, so talk to me, who is missing on this list, I’ll be waiting to hear from you in the comment section. 

Also, anticipate the twin post of this, best dressed men at the AMVCA 2022

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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