SYE reunion Looks: Day 2

Oopsie! Lovelies, this post arrives a couple of days late but I bet it won’t diminish the pleasure it brings in any way.

I mentioned in my last post about the Big Brother Naija shine your eye reunion coming with a lot of packages. Quarrels and dramas, meddling and bickering, tantrums and bad-and-forth, and ultimately a lot of style and glamour! We are not going to act all righteous and pretend like the other facets don’t matter to us. But you know, us at Ms Asoebi, being the focus people that we are, we’re here to see the girls come through looking gorgeous gorgeous.

Word on the street is that Biggie told his girls to dress chic for this day. And boy did they understand the assignment! Each of them whipped out top-tier sleeky numbers, crisp layers of finely tailored blazers, divine feminine colors and perfect hairstyles, we’re talking dope manes and curls that were laid to perfection! Their heels looked so good, you become jealous of the floor that gets to receive such graceful strength first-hand.

Certainly, no one looked like they came prepared to smack faces and pull wigs. Well, even though they were prepared to, at least they will look elegant right before that happens, which is the most important thing.

No matter the situation you find yourself, the most important rule for a fashionista is to never be caught unfresh, your crown must not be tilted.

That’s it! So let’s sip from the cup of finely textured, gorgeous and colorful chic looks this morning shall we? I’m quite talkative today, so expect some analysis and opinions too. 😌


For another day to revisit residual conflicts and misunderstandings in biggie’s house, Saskay didn’t forget to look like the royal art that she is. The queen of elegance in simplicity showed up in a dynamic pink number. This she paired with white heels and diamonds. We love us some expensive simplicity. 

Angel JB smith

For me, I love Angel’s colour combo. First I love how subtly transitional it is, from chartreuse to Lawn green. It also in a way perfectly embodied her own frame of mind in that big spacious room as she wore that outfit. Her mood appeared to be sitting on the fence. One minute she appears uninterested in the whole talk, the next, she drops a gbas that is definitely followed by a gbos. And right when you expect a burst of irritation, she gives an oddly cool take. You never know what to expect from the lady who found her spot in  between green and yellow. And isn’t that what makes life more fun?

Maria CHIKE Benjamin 

Yet another transitional look, but it’s even more mild. As she wore the highly detailed blazer dress and midi skirt, she looked like a sweet bottle of Irish cream. Her make up and hair were also mild, not giving too much. In addition to this, pairing her two piece with a corset leather camisole was giving the ultimate chic vibe.

Singh Nini

Perhaps because I love purple and her sister shades, I wanted the camera to stay focused on Nini! Or maybe that’s not why because her make up was sultry and glamorous too. She looked so beautiful! I love that the purple rhinestone metallic net was her layering piece,  That was genius! It came out looking more stylish because of turtle neck and glove design. But I opine that the whole look would have been unforgettable if her stylist had proceeded to have her pants in the same fabric. And in contrast to her multicolored snake print Pumps, a long, thin, white, pink or purple iridescent Jimmy Choo Bing mules  provokes a more chic image in mind. 


If you’re torn about what to wear for your civil wedding, thick thighs JMK came through with a quick inspo  in this fabulous white three piece!  She looked absolutely stunning and there seem to be a lot going on on her feet. Sadly, we only get to see a peek of what looks like a cow print or polka dot pumps? Wow!! Fabulous again!😍

Jackie Bent

Jackie criss-crossed continents in this Italian damask two-piece. What an expensive trip, and it’s so worth it, cos she ate and sipped!😍😍

Tega Dominic.

When I’m doubts, wear black. Whoever said ‘black don’t crack’ definitely knew what they were talking about. Tega looked fantastic in this all black ensemble. With proper lighting, she would make a gorgeous silhouette. Although, I believe a neutral make up would have snapped better, baby girl slayed regardless.


You may have your respective faves amongst this people which is completely okay. But if we’re setting fandoms and stanship aside, whose look are you likely to recreate soon?! Let me know in the comment section. 

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Ciao for now!😌❤️

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