Style Tips: The Perfect Mix and Match Bridal Party

Brides, we have some great news for you! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your bridal party look, mix and match is the way to go. You can combine a variety of colours and styles in one look, and it’s super fun!

Mixing and matching bridal party outfits is an excellent way to create a cohesive look that still feels like it’s got its own flair. You can also use this method when you’re trying to find the right colour scheme for your wedding day because it gives you an opportunity to try out different options without committing to any one colour or style.

Here are our top tips for perfecting your mix-and-match bridal party look:

Choose a Color Scheme

The first thing you need to think about when mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses is choosing a colour scheme. This will help guide your decisions as you shop for your girls so that you know what colours are available in each style of dress. You can also use this colour scheme as inspiration for other aspects of your wedding—from table decorations to centrepieces, everything will feel more cohesive if it matches up with your chosen colour scheme!

Mix up silhouettes.

You don’t want all of your bridesmaids wearing very similar styles—that would be boring! Instead, try mixing up silhouettes by pairing floor-length gowns with knee-length dresses or strapless tops with sleeveless ones. This will give each girl her own unique look, Maybe one woman has an A-line dress while another has a ball gown; maybe one woman wears a long veil while another wears a short one; maybe one woman’s dress has sleeves while another’s doesn’t—you get the idea.


Keep it cohesive.

The key to pulling off a great mix-and-match bridal party look is making sure everything goes together nicely—and that doesn’t just mean picking out matching colours. The goal is for each person in the bridal party to look like they belong together, so keep in mind how every outfit will work together when styling each person’s overall look.

Add some texture.

This idea is great because it allows your bridesmaids to really stand out from each other without looking too “matchy-matchy”. Just add some interesting textures like lace or sequins into their outfits, or pick out a few different fabrics (like silk or satin) for each of them to wear separately from the others in order to create an amazing overall look for your wedding party.

Ask Your Bridesmaids’ Preferences

Not everyone is going to have the same taste as you, and that’s okay. However, since we’re highlighting inclusive sizing and designs, it’s worth asking your bridesmaids what they do or don’t feel comfortable wearing. After all, your bridesmaids are likely paying for their own gowns. They deserve to have size ranges and styles that fit their personality.

Remember: it’s all about balance! You don’t want everyone in the same colour or wearing exactly the same thing—you want something that looks cohesive but not uniform (and definitely not boring). 😉

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