Strangers movie review (5/10)

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day lovelies! Have you seen Strangers? I saw it this weekend, and I was kind of on the fence about reviewing it or not. 

Strangers is an inspiring grass to grace story of a young man Adetola (Lateef Adedimeji), who went through really tough times from childhood until he became successful in life. It’s a pretty straightforward story that did a great job passing across what it’s meant to— don’t give up no matter the struggles one is facing right now, for things would eventually get better. 

Ade, the second child of a struggling mother in Ireti village, a land surrounded by water, got an “unusual disease” no one had ever experienced in the land, with no cure. Even after so many traditional treatments and concoctions, the condition got worse rather than better. 

Their village was one preachers often visited, and on one of their outreach missions with health practitioners on a particular day, they met Ade and of course he was referred to the hospital for treatments and all. Luckily for him he came across a benefactor that changed his life forever. 

His experience at the hospital had made him a different person and years later when the opportunity to go study in the city came, even though he was already too old to start from scratch, he didn’t let all that stop him. 

While most people would definitely not do that, imagine going to start Primary 1 at 14 years, God abeg! But he did it. 

Even with his circumstances and struggles, he kept leading his class, he eventually went to the University and became a doctor so he can give back to his society. Of course a lot more happened, it wasn’t all that straightforward, there were highs and lows, but you don’t need me giving off all that!

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Dear lovelies, I honestly can’t say I enjoyed the movie or not. While it passed across the right message and it was super inspiring and all, it was “meh” to me. I didn’t really enjoy it, I don’t know if it’s the story line or the whole movie in general, but don’t judge based on my experience. I really love the grass-to-grace story, I mean we want more movies like that to serve as an inspiration, but I didn’t really like this one. 

The acting was alright. While it wasn’t a star studded movie, the selection of actors is commendable. I love the attention to details, an instance is Ade’s bad legs and limping, they made sure it was the same from beginning to the end. 

Ade’s mum (Bimbo Oshin) bodied her role perfectly, she was a good mum. Kudos to all the mums in the house and Happy Mother’s Day again! Her acting would give you goosebumps, she played her role well. The acting was great, the choice of music was also great. 

Strangers is a 5/10 for me and I would totally recommend it because of the life lessons it gave. You can watch it on Netflix, also check out the movie trailer here. Enjoy!

Have you seen strangers? What do you think of this “strangers movie review”? What do you also think about the movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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