Soole Movie Review (8/10)

Soole AKA one chance” for our non-Nigerians or whoever doesn’t know, is a kind of bus you board on the road side, not at the park and at a cheaper cost. It just keeps taking different people going to a destination from the road until the bus is filled up or when they don’t find anyone else going their way. 

Soole movie was funny and interesting. It had so many twists that were twisting, I liked it. The movie was about people from different spheres of life boarding a Soole bus going to the Eastern part of Nigeria. While the bus driver was just sent on an errand to bring his Oga’s in-laws from Enugu, he felt taking the empty bus all the way was a waste and he’d rather maximize the opportunity by picking up passengers going his way on the road side than going with an empty bus. That’s how our story began o!

Sister Veronica, our nun (Adunni Ade) had come to Lagos to solicit for funds for her orphanage for a Christmas thingy for the kids. She didn’t get what she came for, was low on cash and asked her driver to take her to where she could take Soole back to the East (because it’s always cheaper, you get). At the time she was trying to haggle the price, someone brought a box to be waybilled; little did they know they had carried wahala!

The driver (Shawn Faqua) kept picking people up from the road o. From armed robber, to kidnapper, pastor, business woman, spiritualist, different crazy characters. The bus ride was really funny, I was just laughing anyhow! Oh, it was going fine until wahala started showing face. They got robbed. I actually knew they were going to get robbed, because there’s no way you’d pack people on the streets like that and not carry an armed robber.

Remember the bag that was to be waybilled? I knew it had to contain either money or hard drugs, because it was just too suspicious. Turns out it contained money and people were out to get it! That’s how they robbed them o, little did they know there was someone or even more than one person giving robbers intel. Funny thing is they took a wrong box filled with sex toys instead. Lol in your face Mr Thief

After one of the passengers (the one giving robbers info) tried to steal the box again, that’s when they thought “oh yea, let’s check what’s in this bag”. Lo and behold, money!! Monayyy. Shmoney!!! Ah, a bag filled with dollars in a public transport with different people, ah.

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Of course you know humans na, everybody would want to have a share. It was that serious to the point that a man with a heavily pregnant wife had left his wife on the road at night cuz she said she didn’t want to have a part in all that. Imagine ooo! But he kept justifying his actions with “I’m doing this for us, you’d understand after I blow.” Smh! 

They kept going on their journey after even having an encounter with cops that wanted the box too. Nawa o! That’s how one of the women in the bus, the church mama of the bus (Sola Sobowale) said she needed the bus to halt because she wanted to pee. Little did they know she was a kidnapper, thief and also runs a baby making factory! Omo, we weren’t expecting that twist. I don’t know if you saw it coming in case you’ve seen the movie, but I didn’t. I didn’t predict that. 

Turns out there was even a lot we didn’t notice from the beginning. Like the woman’s relationship with the kidnappers and even the person giving the intel. Nice one! Oh, it didn’t end there, a loooot more happened. Don’t want to talk about it, so as not to not give off everything, but you should check it out. You can watch the trailer here.

I liked the storyline, it was supposed to be funny, enlightening, entertaining and it did that and more. Adunni Ade did a good job in my opinion. The storyline was great, cinematography was good, had the right twists, wasn’t dragging and it just seemed alright to me. I’d recommend it, I’m rating an 8/10 and it’s available on Netflix if you’d like to see it. 

Dear Lovelies, have you seen Soole? What did you think of the movie? What are your thoughts on my Soole movie review? Share with me in the comments! 

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