Six Fashion Trends That Should Stay In 2023

We’re just about to enter a new year, and that means it’s time for all of us to take stock of what we’ve worn over the last 12 months. What looks like they should stay behind in 2023? What looks like they should come with us into 2024. Let’s take a look at all the hilarious fashion trends in 2023 and find out what shouldn’t crossover into 2024. And while some of these trends will inevitably die out, others just need to be put down for good.

What should you be replacing, and what should you be keeping? Here are some fashion trends that have had their day, and should be sent down the runway for good:

Tightly fitted corsets.

"Visit our website to see more of our designs or follow us on Instagram to see our bespoke work. Made from sateen coutil overlayed with pretty black lace, this waist training corset is ideal for wearing under clothing. Alternatively it makes for a versatile outerwear corset. Cut with a rounded hip and conical rib to give a dramatic hourglass shape. This corset is cut to give a 5-6\" waist reduction and includes a mock up sent to you to try on and check for a perfect fit.

While it might seem like a good idea at first glance—being able to suck your waist in by several inches? Sign us up! The reality is that this trend is just a deeply unattractive way of trying to look skinny. You don’t need a tight corset or any other kind of body-shaping garment to look good. Just keep yourself healthy and fit and trust us when we say that your body will thank you for it. And if anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise? Just walk away. We’re living in a world where body positivity is finally being celebrated, so let’s leave tight-fitting corsets behind for good.

Extreme thigh-high slits.

This trend should also be on its way out—and for good reason! Wearing a dress with a thigh-high slit is like walking on a tightrope while wearing stilettos. You’re bound to fall off at any moment. We understand that people want to be edgy and sexy when they’re getting dressed up for a night out or even just heading out for dinner with friends or family. But there’s a fine line between edgy and just plain tacky! And if you’re wearing an outfit with an extreme thigh high slit that goes all the way to your hip bone in public, then you’ve definitely crossed that line. Plus, there’s nothing attractive about having strangers staring at your crotch all night long.


High heel Crocs.

The craze of the year is definitely the high heel Croc. We’ve seen it everywhere, from the streets of Lagos to the runway in Paris. While we have no doubt that this trend will continue for some time, we really think it should stay in 2023. Why? Because it’s just so uncomfortable! It’s just not practical or comfortable enough for people to wear them every day—especially if they plan on walking around a lot or doing any physical activity while wearing them (which they are designed for). This trend should definitely not follow us into 2024.

Sheer everything.

You know those looks where some celebrities show off their underwear? It’s not cute! From sheer dresses to sheer shirts and pants, these fashion trends has been all over the place this year. We get it—sheer fabric looks amazing under certain lights, but we’re not sure why anyone would want to show off everything they have underneath their clothing. Like…what’s wrong with a little mystery? If you’re going to wear sheer fabric (which you probably shouldn’t) then maybe consider wearing something underneath it so that people don’t have to see the outline of your undergarment entirely. So let’s put this one out there: No more sheer tops or dresses or skirts or pants in 2024. Leave a little to for imagination!

The Y2K trend.

This fashion trend ran its course and we thought we were over it, but TikTok brought it back and it’s been everywhere. We get it—the year 2000 was kind of a big deal back when it rolled around. You might not remember what this is, but it was all the rage in 1999. Basically, it was like an extended version of grunge: jeans that were so baggy they could fit two people inside them, giant belts wrapped around your waist like a snake eating its own tail, and shirts that made you look like you were wearing a tent for clothes.

It wasn’t exactly flattering, but people still tried it out—and we’d like to keep those days behind us forever. These trends from 1999 honestly belongs to the museum or the artic! It’s time to move on from the past and let go of your old nostalgia so we can all look forward to whatever comes next.

Too many accessories.

Accessories are great for styling out your look, but if there’s too much going on with your accessories, it can overpower your dress and make it hard to tell what’s actually going on with your outfit. Stick with one or two necklaces at most per outfit—and even then, try adding some sparkle or texture instead of just piling up several neck pieces and accessories. Accessories should complement your outfit, not overwhelm it or take over all of your focus.

Overall, fashion is subjective and we are not trying to be the judge and jury on what people should or shouldn’t wear, but there is a saying that goes “Out with the old, in with the new”. As a new year approaches, fashion will be at its peak and with it a new set of trends.  Trends are not meant to be permanent staples in our wardrobes. They are here for the time and then are gone after a season or two.  So let’s embrace newer and cooler trends in 2024.

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