“Sista” Review (9/10)

Hello Lovelies, “Sista” is a beautiful movie! The end. Hahaha, okay, I’m not going to stop there, but that movie is really beautiful. From the gripping dialogues to the remarkable performance by Kehinde Bankole, “Sista” joins the league of Nollywood’s hidden gems that are an absolute must-watch. It was a beautifully crafted work with great acting and a beautiful conclusion.

While there may have been a few flaws, I couldn’t even notice because I was so engrossed in the beautiful storyline. In my opinion, every aspect of this movie was flawless – the movie progression, character development, performances, and cinematography. It all came together seamlessly.

“Sista” movie alternates between two timelines. In summary, it tells the story of a young lady who was abandoned by her lover after bearing two children for him and supporting him through his education. She had to rebuild her life and took up a cleaning job to raise her kids, where she encountered “Aunty Jems,” a helpful woman who consistently referred her to clients. As fate would have it, one of those clients turned out to be Folarin, the man who had abandoned her.

This movie may evoke strong emotions for single mothers or those who have experienced the absence of a parent, but I assure you, it is a truly remarkable film. Despite the pain of abandonment, Sista was determined to provide the best life for her children, and she works tirelessly to achieve that.

When Fola re enters her life, forgiveness is not something she readily considers. I mean who would have? I wouldn’t, not immediately anyways. However, compelled by her children’s pleas, she reluctantly gives him a chance.

Unfortunately, things take a wrong turn when Fola begins showering the children with luxury gifts and promises of a good life. I mean that was so annoying, because how can someone be absent for so long and then come back and try to buy their love with money?

Those children were “owo epo” by the way! Don’t know how to translate that, sorrry!

Anyway, this annoyed Sista, and she had to scold  the children for accepting back the man who abandoned them for years, especially since she had been their sole provider and working hard all these years.

The story may actually seem like a Nollywood movie you’ve seen before, however the ending offers a refreshing twist. Fola didn’t return poor or ill, desperately begging for forgiveness to better himself. Instead, he was doing well and living his own life. Deep down I was thinking he might leave his wife and marry Sista. Haha! However, I appreciate his relationship with his wife and the sense of security she feels in their marriage. It’s quite heartwarming.

The acting in this movie is truly outstanding. Kehinde Bankole deserves all the accolades. She demonstrates a range that many actors seem to lack in today’s world, flawlessly transitioning from the role of a heartbroken mother to the strong woman she played. Bisola Aiyeola was equally amazing, and she should teach us how she does this accent thing!

Lastly, “Sista” resonates because it dives deep into the theme of abandonment within a family. It’s a film that will make you feel seen and appreciate the incredible strength of single mothers. Hats off to Biodun Stephen for yet again crafting a beautifully written script.

I’m giving “Sista” a solid 9/10. Trust me when I say this movie is an absolute must-watch for everyone. And the best part? It’s currently available on Amazon Prime if you haven’t seen it yet!

Dear lovelies, what do you think of “Sista”? Is it worth all the hype? Would you watch it again? What are your thoughts on the movie? What are your thoughts on my review? Share with us in the comments!

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