Shooting Shots 101: How To Approach Someone You Like

Ah, dating—the bane of our existence. It’s a minefield of potential rejection and embarrassment, and it’s never as easy as it looks on TV. So how do you start a conversation with someone you like? It can be as simple as saying “Hey” or “You seem cool” (if they seem open), or it could be something more specific like asking them about their favorite movie or TV show (if they’re into talking about their interests).

The idea behind shooting your shots is that you’re putting yourself out there and seeing how the other person responds. You might get rejected, but if you don’t take a shot at it, then you’ll never know whether there was any potential for something between the two of you!

So how do you go about it?

The first step is to make sure that person is open to being approached—they’re not married or in a relationship, they aren’t too shy to speak up, and they’re generally happy with their life and social status.

Is he/she a good fit?

If they meet all those criteria and seem like they’re a good fit for you, then it’s time to start thinking about what exactly makes them such an appealing prospect. What are their interests? Do they enjoy going out? Or staying home? Do they like sports? Music? Or just hanging out with friends? It helps if both people share commonalities that make for interesting conversation starters—but even if you don’t have any shared interests yet, there are still ways of getting things started.

Decide what you want from the relationship.

Before approaching someone, make sure that you know what kind of relationship would be best for both of you. Do you want something casual? Something long-term? Something that doesn’t require any labels at all? Having this conversation in advance can help ensure that both parties understand what they’re getting into and what the expectations are from each side.

No pressure

Keep in mind that talking to someone doesn’t have to mean anything more than just talking; there’s no need to pressure them into anything they don’t want before they’ve had a chance to think things over on their own terms first. If anything goes wrong between now and then, it’s easy enough for both parties to walk away without much damage done—which isn’t always true in relationships where one party has already made an assumption about what’s going on between them before either

It is important to keep in mind that the person you’re approaching might not be looking for a relationship right now. If they are, then great! But if they aren’t and don’t feel comfortable talking with you about why not, then it’s best to just let them go on their way.

Now, think about what kind of person they are.

Is this someone who likes socializing? Are they more introverted? Do they like getting out and going places on their own? Do they prefer staying at home? Knowing what kind of person someone is will help you determine how best to approach them and make sure that your conversation goes smoothly.

Try not to focus on what they look like (this is not easy).

This can help keep you from feeling self-conscious and nervous. If they’re wearing a cool shirt or have a cool haircut, try complimenting them on it instead of focusing on how attractive they are overall.

Wait until after class/work/the party is over before approaching them.

This will give both of you some time to decompress before talking in person—which makes things less stressful for both parties involved!


If you get nervous when talking to people, try writing down a few things beforehand that might come up during conversation so that if either of you get stuck at any point there’s something else to talk about until things feel more natural again (like music or movies).

Confidence is key.

You can’t be shy and nervous when you’re approaching someone, so keep your cool and have fun with it! Just remember that everyone has their own personality quirks, so don’t be offended if they don’t respond right away or don’t seem interested in talking to you—just give them time to warm up a bit before giving up altogether!

Finally, never underestimate the power of asking questions! There are so many ways for you to get someone talking about themselves without making them feel like they’re being interrogated by an over-eager friend.

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