Shanty Town Review (6/10)

Shanty Town wasn’t bad, though it started with so much potential, then it got rushed after like episode 4 and didn’t really deliver perfectly after building out hopes. I think it would have made a great movie, the series was kind of dragged out and rushed at the same time. I enjoyed it though and to be honest, Chidi Mokeme was like the highlight of the movie for me. 

Shanty Town had a lot going on, but it was about an agent that went undercover to avenge the death of her sister and finally discovered there was a lot going on in Shanty Town than she could fathom. The story explores themes of political corruption, crime, notorious kingpin, prostitution and the likes happening in Lagos underworld. It’s kind of like King of Boys with some twists here and there. 

The movie wasn’t bad, it was kind of average to me though, but the acting was good. Mercy Eke surprised us with the acting skills we didn’t know she had, she was good. And shall we talk about Chidi Mokeme aka Scar! He embodied the role perfectly and deserves an award for the acting. He was really good. However, there was some bad acting, dragging scenes and unnecessary conversations, but it wasn’t all that bad either. 

The film’s cinematography was excellent, showing how Nollywood has grown and is improving its crafts. It used the best visual elements ranging from camera angles to bomb effects. It was good. Also, the use of diverse Nigerian languages in the movie is highly commendable, the mix of the languages was awesome. 

I’m still wondering how the fight between Dame and Chief Fernandez’s supporters was really necessary to the story. Also, I think some of the sexual scenes and assault could have been reduced a bit and would still pass the message across well. And shall we talk about how a grown ass man like Femi Fernandez didn’t know what his dad does for a living. Could that be possible? 

Shanty Town has a realistic side to it, even though it had a story line we’ve seen a few times, but it was still okay. I’m rating a 6/10. I would totally recommend it, if you haven’t seen it. It’s available on Netflix. Also check  out the trailer here

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Have you seen Shanty Town? What do you think of the movie? Do you agree with my review? What would you rate Shanty Town? Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment! 

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