“Senior Year” Movie Review

Senior year is a story about a popular high-school cheerleader played by Rebel Wilson, who goes into a coma a few weeks before prom, wakes 20 years later at 37, and tries to literally continue from where she left off. She awakens and wants to return to high school to reclaim her status and become the prom queen like she had wanted. Watch the official trailer here!

Honestly, that must have taken some huge courage, because I can’t imagine going to high school at 37 and trying to still act cool and be one of the popular kids there, just wow. 

This movie takes two high concept stories— going back to high school as an adult, and waking up from a coma after a long time, slams them into one movie, and I don’t really know if they did a good job at telling both stories well. I kind of wanted more, like how does one wake from a coma and you aren’t sad about how life has left you behind, how you’ve missed a lot and the next thing you’re bothered about is winning prom? Maybe they wanted to highlight the “going back to school” part more.

Overall did I enjoy the movie? I think it was okay. Rebel Wilson is always a funny character and she found a way to slide in her comic self into the plot. However, I think the movie dragged on a bit on the thin plot. Some of those dance scenes weren’t necessary, but maybe they were some comic relief? Lol.

An important message the movie passes on is you can do whatever you want, and it’s never too late basically. Also, this line from the movie stuck with me and I thought to share. “Don’t waste your time telling the people who love you the most that they don’t count. They are the only ones that count”. I like that. 

Oh, and I thought it was going to be cliché and her high school boyfriend Blaine would leave his family and get back with her? I honestly don’t know “what in the Hollywood world” I was thinking, because that wouldn’t happen in real life. Right??!! Well, I’m still glad she found love and got with her best friend. It was lovely to see.

Senior year was interesting, I kind of enjoyed seeing it and can’t say if I would recommend it. I‘d rate 5.5. It’s available on Netflix in case you want to see it. Enjoy!

What do you think of my senior year movie review? Have you seen Senior Year? Tell me in the comments.

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