“Purple Hearts” Movie Review

Happy Sunday lovelies!! If you’re a huge romantic and just in the mood for some sweet romance movie on a Sunday evening, then you should check out Purple Hearts. I loveddd the movie. I’m still smiling brightly typing this, due to how the movie played out, it was perfect to me, I really enjoyed it, I’d definitely watch it again! 

“Purple Hearts” is about Cassie and Luke’s love story. Cassie (played by Sofia Carson) was a broke musician struggling to make ends meet, and was also recently diagnosed with diabetes. She met Luke (Nicholas Galitzine) through her friend Frankie, a marine corps alongside Luke and she somehow got to know that a marine corps’ wife gets a lifetime of health insurance, which she needed because of her health. This prompted her to make a marriage proposal to Frankie, which he declined, because it was a crime and he was dating someone.

Asides getting a lifetime health insurance, being a married marine meant the husband gets more allowance than the unmaried ones. Coincidentally, Luke needed money to pay off a debt. He was already being threatened and the fake wedding with Cassie made perfect sense, which made him agree. It was a win-win situation for both.

Cassie and Luke’s love story wasn’t the type that falls in love at first sight like most love stories, they hated each other, but in order not to get sentenced for fraud (a fake marriage for benefits was a crime in the military), they had to make the marriage look real by all means. And remember Luke was a soldier, he was going to get deployed the next day to Iraq after their wedding and they had to make it look super real even with the distance because they were being watched. 

The scene of the soldiers going to war and bidding their loved ones goodbye was so touching. I almost cried and I was really praying they all make it back alive, but it’s war, everyone making it back alive is probably impossible. God bless those in the military risking their lives to keep us safe.

Over the time he was there, they were sending love mails, video calls, every sweet thingss and Cassie also got inspired to write super sweet songs that made her famous. I love her voice and all the songs!!! Everything was going alright until Luke got injured and he had to come back home. Frankie died by the way, it was painful.

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Now being home and having to play a couple in the eyes of everyone, it was hard, but somewhere along the way, they fell in love which was really nice. Luke got punished for what they did though, but atleast they were now in love.

I reallyyy enjoyed the movie, I loved it and even though I don’t rewatch movies, I’d like to rewatch this. I loved the plot and the twists, the acting was great, the storyline was beautiful, everything was really awesome. I’d be rating an 8.5/10 because it was really worth it to me. I’m such a romantic and the end made me happy, it was perfect. I recommend.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can watch on Netflix this weekend and you can watch the official trailer here. Have you seen “Purple Hearts”? What do you think of the movie? And what do you think of my review? What would you rate the movie?

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