Prophetess movie review: skip or watch?

Hi lovelies, Happy Sunday! Have you seen Prophetess? The story is about Ajoke played by Toyin Abraham, a local fake prophet that made some prophecies which came to pass by luck. The one which stood out and became pretty much the main storyline was about a local football match prediction she made, and with so much at stake, she had to do everything she could to make them win.

I found the movie funny at first, the whole fake prophet thing was kind of interesting, and then the whole plot seemed scattered, like there were a lot of loose ends and nothing much going on at some point. 

The storyline was okay though. Nigerians are pretty religious, so infusing religion into all circumstances seems relatable. Prophetess isn’t perfect, and it takes us back to when Nollywood wasn’t about dressing well and having nice ambience and location; it just gives off this “down to earth” vibe. 

Now let’s talk about the actors! Who else found Stan Nze’s character funny and annoying at the same time? 😂 Most of the time, I was like what’s this guy even doing?! Couldn’t have been only me, right?!

I think Toyin Abraham is a very likeable character, I find her movies interesting. She really delivered. Same with Kehinde Bankole who played Labake, her sister. They all did good, let’s not lie. But you see Blessing Obasi and Lateef Adedimeji ehn, I feel like they could have done better, and they didn’t bring their A-game. 

Prophetess is not a perfect movie, the sound and lighting wasn’t all great, but I can say I enjoyed it with all its flaws. It was a feel good movie, and it made me feel good. I’d rate a 6, you can watch it on Netflix if you haven’t seen it!

Have you seen Prophetess? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part and not so interesting part?

What do you also think of my review? Tell us in the comments!

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