Pregnant Virgins

How does pregnancy Occur?

Pregnancy starts with fertilization, when a woman’s egg joins with a man’s sperm.

Any sexual activity that introduces sperm into — or around — the vagina could result in a sperm making its way to the egg.

Sperm and ejaculation

Even before a male fully ejaculates, he may produce sperm in pre-ejaculate (pre-come) fluid.

And a recent studyTrusted Source shows that 16.7Trusted Source percent of men have active sperm in their pre-ejaculate as well. Specific counts vary per ejaculate and by individual, but you get the idea — that’s a lot of little swimmers. And to get pregnant, it takes just one.

If ejaculate or pre-ejaculate come into contact with the vaginal area, though chances are small, it’s possible pregnancy may occur. Keep in mind these fluids can be transferred to the area via toys, fingers, and mouths — not just penises.

The “Virgin pregnancy phenomenon”

ResearchersTrusted Source have studied a phenomenon called “virgin pregnancy” to understand why it would be reported. In a survey of 7,870 pregnant women, they discovered that 0.8 percent of the women (45 total) reported becoming pregnant without having vaginal sex. Continue….

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