Practical Steps to Take When Working on your Style

As mums, one of the major worries we have when we decide to start working on our sense of style is “where do I even start from”? Thus, to simplify this style thing, I decided to highlight five (5) practical steps anyone can take when working on their style again. 

Set a Body Goal

As a mum one of the things, you need to start with is setting a body goal. It could be a flatter tummy, loosing a set amount of Kilogram, working out 3 times/ week etc. This way your clothes get to flatter you more. Nonetheless, start slow on the goals you set and increase pace gradually over time.

Identify Body Type

When it comes to clothes and looking confident, identifying your body type should be your very first action. This is because it determines what clothes will work for you and flatter your body. Which is why shopping must be avoided initially, otherwise you will make the same decisions you have always made.

Overall, knowing your body type and clothes that will work will guide your style decisions. Ultimately, you will always look confident in whatever you wear when out.

IDeNTIFY YOUR Personal Style


You need to identify your personal style. Personal style is your individual preference when it comes to clothes. For instance, some people love short things, shiny things, only pants, skirts jumpsuits etc. What this does is that, in the long run, it  provides the clarity you need in a busy fashion world. You know what to get for yourself and you get to appreciate other good-looking people without envy.  

Plan, Plan, Plan!

If you are willing to work on your style, one of the things you need to do is always plan your looks ahead of time. Planning helps you to become more organized and well put together when you step out. Consequently, this will amount to having better days, less frustrated morning and confidence out there.

Organise your Space

Organise your space. An organized space makes it much easier to want to go out, look stylish and be confident. But to achieve this we need to start with clearing out things not worn in years, tight clothes, oversized clothing etc., just for better clarity.

Did you learn something? Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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