Petition To Ban poorly tenderized  proteins at Owambes. 

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I want to believe your week so far has been nothing short of amazing, as for your girl, she’s burned out but we move!

Now let’s dive in to the real matter, we’re talking matters of the heart that deeply hurts, and needs to be addressed.

If you’ve ever been to a proper owambe party where the host is a generous chap or lass, then you can relate to food being surplus and the proteins being chunky.


Except it’s an high school end of the year party, you have every reason to entrust your tummy in the hands of Lagosians. When you’re called over for a party, they will feed you and have you filled to the brim. Rounds after rounds from appetizers to main meal and spicy deserts. Hosting parties is a Lagos thing, these people never come last in that.

Now let’s address the brains and hands behind these meals. Why do I get the impression that some of them are wicked and don’t want us to eat? Because nothing else explains the callously tough chunk of meat we find on our plates. 

The pain that comes from seeing big pieces of meat, ponmo, shaki and all sorts of proteins on your food that has defied edibility due to its tough nature is nearly unquantifiable.

In as much as this is a post expressing my pain and that of my comrades that have been through this, as a caterer in Lagos, I’d advice you take this as a stern warning, LET IT STOP! 

Lovelies, I would like to believe I’m speaking on behalf of so many of us, have you been to a party where you couldn’t eat your meat just because it was too tough? Share your experience with us in the comment section, you know it’s always a delight to hear from you. 

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