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Personal finance is an important aspect of life that everyone should take seriously. It involves managing your income, expenses, investments, and debts to secure your financial future. Because In order to make informed decisions, it’s important to educate yourself on the subject. 

If you’re ready to begin the road to financial success but are unsure where to start, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re sharing seven books authored by black women that bring a unique perspective to women’s personal finance.

Here are some of the best personal finance books you should read in 2023:

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers


By using their available resources and taking charge of their life, Rachel Rodgers encourages her readers in to attain financial freedom. Particularly, she maintains that by taking charge of their finances and using them to build a brighter future, anyone, regardless of their financial condition, can become a billionaire. In addition, Rodgers describes how to establish a profitable business, control debt, and make money.

Stripped: An African Woman’s Guide to Building  Generational Wealth by Solape Akinpelu


This book is well-known for its doable advice for helping African women create and look after generational wealth. The book serves to address the pressing concerns that African women have around money management and accumulating wealth. It shows the necessity for a mentality shift, and also provides instructions and strategies, to support African women in creating wealth across generations.

Get Good with Money by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche


Through realistic stories and first-hand experiences, this book covers investing, budgeting, debt repayment, and savings. It also give readers the knowledge and tools they need to make wise financial decisions, develop a budget, and comprehend their relationship with money.

The One Week Budget by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche


This book provides a step-by-step guide to assist you in making a thorough budget in only one week. These steps are customized to your financial needs and goals. Aliche clearly lays out the five steps to successful budgeting: measuring, cutting, automating, increasing, and protecting. She offers thorough advice on keeping track of expenses, lowering costs, automating payments, boosting revenue, and safeguarding your funds. To keep you inspired and on track, The One Week Budget also offers practical tools, advice, and activities.


The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom: Build Wealth, Retire Early, and Live the Life of Your Dreams By Paris Woods


Woods offers Black women a road map to financial independence with a blend of personal experiences and helpful guidance. This book offers advice on how women can manage their finances and accumulate wealth. Additionally, it covers boosting net worth, creating generational wealth, and managing money in relationships. 

Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money, and Build Wealth by Bola Sokunbi


This book teaches women how to make the greatest investments for themselves without needing a fancy finance degree. Even with a low wage, you can use investment opportunities to increase your long-term wealth. Along with much more, you’ll learn the main traps to avoid if you want to succeed as an investor. In order to assist her readers in achieving financial freedom, Sokunbi also offers practical suggestions, motivational tales, and first-hand accounts.

The Smart Money Woman: An African girl’s journey to financial freedom by Arese Ugwu 


This book is consistent with wealth-creation principles that are offered to inspire women to contribute to supporting their families financially. This book examines themes such as debt, spending, misperceptions about money and a lack thereof. It also examines love and friendship, as well as societal and cultural influences and their effects on success. A Smart Money Lesson to help you climb the financial ladder is provided with each chapter.

If you’re someone who is trying to become financially established, these books should help on your way. If you’ve already achieved financial success and continue to strive for more, these books are still worth reading. The lessons in these books can be applied to most facets of your life and will serve as reminders of what got you where you are.

Yours in Financial Independence, Temitope.

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