Oyindamola & Ayoola’s “How We Met”!

Love Story Shared By The Bride:

Ayoola and I met towards the end of 2012 as freshers at the University of Lagos, both eager and nervous about the journey ahead. We were course mates in the same department. We became friends and then best friends in 2013, sharing laughs, studying together, and supporting each other through the ups and downs of Uni life.

As our friendship blossomed, it became clear that there was something more between us. Ayoola asked me out at this point, I was reluctant at first because I wanted to “face my books” but eventually gave in because I liked the boy. We started dating in mid-2014 and at this point, we were inseparable. We literally did everything together. Many study sessions together, long walks,sweet and not so sweet times later, we graduated together.

After University, fate intervened, and we were posted to the same state for youth service. This was a blessing, as it allowed us deepen our relationship and spend more time together. We explored the new environment, made new friends, and supported each other as we embarked on our respective careers. A few years later, he asked me to marry him, I definitely said yes and here we are!

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