“Ololade Movie Review”: Stream or Skip?

Hello, wonderful people! Have you watched ‘Ololade’? Is it a stream or skip? Honestly, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy the movie, it felt overly long and dull. While it had some good moments and lessons, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

The story revolves around friends Adeshina and Lateef getting mysteriously rich after facing challenges, but it gets bogged down by excessive family drama. The 6-episode series, lasting 40-55 minutes each, started with Laide’s murder and numerous extramarital affairs, diluting the core plot. Despite the initial promise, the movie failed to spark excitement for me.

The sudden wealth in the first episode brings a wave of family drama, exploring infidelity and a mother pressuring her son to remarry due to his first wife only having a daughter. This dramatic turn felt unnecessary and not comedic.

The series teased an intriguing plot about money laundering, but disappointingly, this storyline wasn’t sufficiently developed. Depicting killings with ritualistic magic left me confused about its purpose.

A significant flaw in ‘Ololade’ is its reluctance to take its storyline seriously. Striving for ironic amusement, it lacks genuine wit or depth to engage the audience. The characters, though likable, lack resonance beyond surface-level amusement. Their journey through newfound wealth feels contrived, failing to evoke empathy.

The series’ failure to delve into compelling storylines, especially money laundering and ritualistic elements, leaves viewers disoriented. While occasional moments of levity may entertain a casual audience, the series struggles to balance ironic amusement and substantive storytelling, missing an opportunity with its promising premise.

Let’s stop here for now, I’m rating this movie a 4/10. Is it a stream or skip for you? I didn’t enjoy it and it’s definitely a skip for me! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here’s a link to the trailer, you can watch the movie on Netflix.

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