“Obara’m” Movie Review (5/10)

Hi Lovelies, Happy Sunday! Have you seen “Obara’m”? When last did you see a Nigerian musical movie? Well, Obara’m is one! In summary it’s a story about Oluchi, a woman who abandoned her child with her father and moved to Lagos for greener pastures -slash- her music career.

After her father’s death, she had to reconnect with her daughter and make up for her past mistakes by being the mother she hadn’t been to Ihunaya. And with every inch of truth from her past coming to light, it makes it harder for them to unite.

I actually liked this movie, the storyline was direct and not all cliche. It had a relatable real life Nigerian plot,  was straight to the point and had a nice conclusion. It had beautiful cinematography, had a way of having the audience engrossed and I think what I loved most was the casting. I really loved Ihunanya, I found myself thinking one too many times “how do these young, children actors do it”? It was nice.

While Obara’m might seem like the perfect movie, there were a few flaws. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but it was an average movie. The songs didn’t make me feel like singing along, it didn’t make me feel any emotions, the songs had too much autotune, at some point I just felt like forwarding them.

Also, as much as it was a musical, the lip syncing was too obvious. I feel like they could have just used actors that could play the roles and sing, I’m sure we have some of them in Nollywood. I think the most annoying one was Onyeka Onwenu, that woman has a really great voice, you should hear her sing in the movie.


Moving on, that scene of Ihunanya going missing was funny to me. Like everyone was with torch light shouting “Ihunanya, Ihunanya” up and down, and y’all just stood on the basketball court. Lmao.

Alsoo, that last part she went missing again, like I didn’t get, she went missing for a day and had already taken a scholarship test, gotten enrolled in secondary school and a lot more in a day? I don’t get it. Make it make sense please. Or shall we say it wasn’t a day and the mum looked for her for days until finally realizing she had gone back to the village? I don’t get!

By the way, what was the father’s role? Why did they have to involve him at all? I feel like they could have just not mentioned him at all, than bringing him in and making them meet and him now saying he can’t be involved, *bombastic side eye*. That’s sad and annoying. Thinking about it, that could be someone’s reality. Might I end this review with this question, “what exactly was SydneyTalker’s role in the movie exactly”? Lol.

“Obara’m” wasn’t a bad movie to be honest, but it could have been better. Like I said earlier, it’s an average movie and I’m rating it a 5/10. You would actually enjoy it and smile a few times, just don’t expect much when you watch it. It’s currently available on Netflix, so you can watch it there if you haven’t.

What are your thoughts lovelies, have you seen this movie? What do you think of my review? Would you watch it if you haven’t? Let’s know in the comments!

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