The Noel Diary Movie Review!

Happy Sunday lovelies!! ‘Tis the holiday season and what better way to remind you Christmas is almost here than the music and movies?! I love Christmas movies, and even though they are always super chessy, I just want to see them. It’s probably because Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year, so the cheesy holiday movies can come in! Haha!

I saw “The Noel Diary” yesterday and I’m super in love, I really enjoyed it. The storyline was super interesting and unique, not like the cliché Christmas movies where someone struggling comes to their hometown, falls in love and moves back to the hometown. You would understand what I’m talking about if you see those holiday movies well, lol. I often wondered if they really shared the same script.

Noel Diary is about a renowned author Jake Turner, returning home during Christmas to sort out his estranged mother’s affairs in his childhood home. Once there, he discovered an old diary that holds secrets to the past and exactly what Rachel Campbel would need. 

Rachel never knew her birth mother, she had been digging up her past to find her mother and the only thing she could find was the name “Turner” and their residence. She came with questions in search for answers and that was how she met Jake Turner! Do you think an old diary will unlock their pasts and their hearts? Let’s find out!

Of course Jake couldn’t help her, but he said he would introduce her to an old neighbour that could, even though she couldn’t really help, she shed some light and introduced them to someone that could— Jake’s father!

Jake didn’t have a relationship with his father because he left when he was younger after his brother died, now imagine someone showing up and the way he could help was to go see his father after a long time. He did sha, romantic man. Also, probably not only because of her but maybe he felt it was long overdue. 

Remember the old diary he had found? Yea, on their way to see his dad, Rachel found the diary and the best part, it belonged to her mum! Her mum was Jake’s nanny and she left the diary with the Turner family in hopes that it would find its way to her daughter, and it did! 

Rachel had always thought her mother hated her for giving her away, but in the diary lies all the truth of her past and that was so surreal to say the least. Her relationship with Jake had deepened during the journey, aunty fell for Mr Romantic despite being engaged to someone, whew. It was now a decision of choosing stability or love? Who do you think she would choose? 

I kind of feel they fell in love too fast, like y’all spent like 3days together and you’re professing love already? You won’t do proper FBI? That’s risky o! But it’s a movie anyways and a holiday one at that, with all the snow falling, there’s a high chance of “slipping” in love. I understand! 

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It was really an interesting watch. I love how it wasn’t cliche and that predictable. The storyline was great, the acting was awesome, their chemistry, omg; it didn’t drag in any way and I even wish it was longer. I enjoyed it and would totally recommend the movie.

You can watch the trailer here, also watch the movie on Netflix when you’re in the mood for holiday movies. I’m rating an 8.5/10. 

Have you seen “The Noel Diary”? What would you rate it? Also, what do you think of my review? Let me know in the comments!

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