Mums:Body Image Facts to Note after Childbirth

One of the most pertinent concerns every woman faces after childbirth are body change concerns. And most of the time in my opinion, it stems from comparison and lack of knowledge. Today, I will be sharing a few body Image facts we need to note on our childbirth and pregnancy journey, for peace of mind.

Bodies are Shaped Differently

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Growing up we all believed that clothes were made to just cover our naked bodies, without considering how their shapes matter to our bodies. And with no prior knowledge of this, we sometimes miss it and get discouraged if they are not flattering on us. For us moms, our bodies change after giving birth undoubtedly, i.e. a wider waist, bigger bum etc. Thus it is only reasonable that we change/adjust the type of clothes we wear to fit our new body type. There is absolutely nothing shameful about this, and alongside we get to be happy with how we look in clothes.

Let the clothes work got you

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Secondly, we all have varying proportions, longer torsos, broad shoulders, wider bursts etc.Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that clothes will sit differently on us. But we find that without this knowledge we accuse our bodies of not being perfect, instead of the clothes.Thus,If you have experienced some changes in certain areas, you need to change the type of clothes. Let’s stop putting pressure on our bodies, let it be the other way around. ELL home from calling Wi-Fi how do you spell answer answer answer yes

You are Still the Same Person 

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Like i mentioned above, when we give birth the truth is we experience some body changes, which is normal. It happened to me, other mums, and will likely happen to every woman after childbirth. It does not make you less of who you are on the inside. You are still the same you. So please, lets remember this. And the reasoning that our outer appearance determines the being we are on the inside should be canceled right now!

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