Mums: Little  things that add to your Style Confidence

We mums might struggle with our style confidence, and to change this we commonly focus on the big things needing change. But on the contrary, starting with the little things go a longer way than we are made to believe.

Thus today, I would be highlighting those little things that can contribute to style confidence in their own little way.

Wearing well Ironed Clothes

Not much liking is taken to having well ironed clothes especially when we are even confused about what to wear. But on the contrary, wrinkle free clothes gives on lookers the sense that you take good care of yourself regardless.


Wearing nicely styled clothes only accounts for 50% of a well put together outfit. The other half of your look is your accessories, so from now on do well with accessories.Be more intentional with them.

Avoid too many colors at once


Being colorful is always eye-catching, but when in doubt wearing too many colour in one outfit might affect your confidence in the outfit. Rather let’s opt for single coloured outfits that you are sure suits us.

Wearing Great underwear

Our undergarments has a way of making clothes fit the body, especially our bras for obvious reasons. It might not be visible to all, but it has a way of affecting our state of mind. Ultimately, we feel more confident which will reflect on how we see and carry ourselves.

Smile More

Let’s smile more, our confidence is not only about the stylish clothes we wear but also the person in us. Our smile even makes us more attractive than a frowned stylish woman. We can do this Mama

I hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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