Mums: 5 Reasons we have no Time for Ourselves and Style

One of the most common reasons we go about not caring for ourselves and style is lack of time. What if I told us we could create that time by being more intentional about our daily activities.

Today I would be sharing a few tips that have helped me in the past as a young mum and even now. Thus, struggling and would like things to change? Keep scrolling to find out where you might have been getting it all wrong.

Not Planning Outfits Ahead of Time

This is so important for so many reasons, but in simple terms, anyone that plans ahead plans to succeed. Thus, if you find that your looks are always draggy and you feel less confident in them you need to start planning. This means take some time to put your looks together, the results would definitely amaze you.

Not Waking up Early

Not waking up early reduces time we would spend with ourselves . When I was a new mom and even now, I try to wake up much earlier than the kid and do all the personal things needed to be done. And really I am grateful for it, I found myself less worried about things undone or still pending. Nonetheless, to achieve this, we need to sleep early, so we can wake up early, just before the kids wake up!

Showering the Kids LAST

Showering first simply means we get more time to take care of ourselves first. This even applies on school days, ultimately, you have taken care of yourself before focusing on the kids. This is because children care can be unpredictable atimes and you do not want to risk that by taking care of yourself last.

Not having a to do list

To do lists are a must and they are important because they help to keep our activities in check and intentional. For instance waking up early means we get to check things off our list and have more time for ourselves. It’s like a load off our shoulders and we get to do things more accurately.

Not Setting Out Kids Outfits

When we fail to set the kids things the day before it sets us up for frustration, and little time for ourselves. When I realised this as a young mum, I took care of the tiniest littlest things the day before for instance even cleaning/ polishing shoes and so on. This was so much easier for me, and I was done with my activities faster.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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